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Academic Records

You must arrange for your university to send to the College the academic records for all the degrees and programs you listed on your application form. The College will base its evaluation on these records.

The College understands that in India educational records are called marksheets or marks cards and that they are issued only once, to the student. If the marksheets are lost or stolen, you can apply to the university for a duplicate.

You must present these original records to the College at the walk-in centre or send them by mail (the College will return them to you):

  • marksheets for each year or term for each degree listed on your application form
  • marksheets for each year or term of your teacher education program
  • the degree scroll for every program on your application.
Verification letters

Since the university does not send these records directly to the College, we need official verification of your academic records. You must arrange for the university to send a verification letter to the College for your teacher education program and for each degree listed on your application.

Verification letters from the university must be signed by one of the following:

  • registrar
  • deputy registrar
  • controller of examinations
  • assistant controller of examinations.

Verification letters from the affiliated college must be signed by one of the following:

  • principal
  • director.

The verification letters must confirm the following:

  • dates you attended and length of program
  • course content and hours or units of study, if not on the marksheets
  • name of the degree and the date on which it was awarded
  • for your teacher education program, the number of weeks and the grade levels and subjects you taught in the supervised practice teaching.

Statement of Professional Standing

A Statement of Professional Standing is required from the country, province or state where you completed your teacher education program, and from any other country, province or state where you are or have been certified to teach.

The College understands that Statements of Professional Standing are not issued in India.

Instead, you must arrange for the head of the last school where you taught in an elementary or secondary school in India to send a letter of reference directly to the College. The letter must be current. It must list the dates and length of your employment as a teacher and say that you were never suspended for any disciplinary reason and that your conduct was satisfactory.

Teaching Certificate

You must send a photocopy of your teaching certificate from all jurisdictions where you are or have been authorized to teach. This applies even if you have never taught there.

The College understands that teaching certificates are not issued in India. Instead, we will accept the letter of reference (Statement of Professional Standing) as a teaching certificate.

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India Education Overview

You will find below information on the education system in India as well as some general outcomes of the evaluation of teacher education programs completed in India.

While we have made every effort to ensure that the material on this site is accurate at the time of posting, there may be changes of which the College is not yet aware. The information provided is general and should not be considered as an individual assessment of your file.

The information below is organized in the following way:

  • description of teacher education in India
  • general credential assessment outcome for applicants who have completed teacher education programs in India 

Teacher Education

Teacher education programs completed in India since 1997 must be recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). Recognized programs are listed on the NCTE website. To determine whether teacher education programs are acceptable, we confirm that all programs completed since 1997 have been recognized by the NCTE.

Teacher Training Certificate

Elementary school teachers are prepared at teacher training institutions. These programs are typically two years and the admission requirement may be Standard X or Standard XI, which is equivalent to Ontario’s Grade 10 and Grade 11. Programs completed at the secondary level are not acceptable to the College.

Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teacher Education)

Secondary school teachers require a Bachelor’s degree in Education. The Bachelor of Education requires one year of full-time study following a three-year Bachelor degree. Generally, the Bachelor of Education program prepares teachers to teach Grades 5 through 10. However, since this methodology is subject specific and not generalist training, it is appropriate for the granting of the Intermediate division in Ontario.

Language Proficiency

To satisfy the language proficiency requirement, the College requires a verification letter from the institution where the teacher education program was completed confirming that the entire teacher education program was completed in English or French.

Alternatively, you can provide evidence of acceptable language proficiency test scores.


Many applicants who have completed their teacher education programs in India meet the College’s registration requirements for certification. Some applicants may be required to complete additional teacher education coursework that will be listed as conditions on the certificate.

To be eligible for certification, you will still have to meet the academic, language proficiency, and suitability requirements for certification.

This is for information purposes only. Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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