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Effective February 1, 2022, the College completed its  transition to a new governance model.

The new Council, established through a competency-based application and selection process, has an equal number of members of the public and College members in good standing.

Applications for Council, committees and the rosters closed on September 30, 2021. 


To support recruitment for Council, the College developed a competency matrix that identified essential skills, professional backgrounds, and lived experiences required to effectively regulate the profession in a way that reflects the diversity of Ontario. Every individual who applied for a position was vetted with the matrix as a guide.

The Council, committee and roster members were announced publicly on December 23, 2021 via the College’s website. Their respective terms of office commenced on January 1, 2022 and the Transition Supervisory Officer’s authority under the Act transferred to the new Council, committees and rosters on February 1, 2022. 


Council is composed of 12 members. Six must be Ontario Certified Teachers. Six must be members of the public who are not now, and never been, a member of the teaching profession.

Members of Council also serve on one or more of the following subcommittees of Council:

  • Audit and Finance Subcommittee
  • Human Resources Subcommittee
  • Selection and Nominating Subcommittee

The mandate of each subcommittee is prescribed in regulation or the College’s bylaws, depending on its role in the governance structure.

No members of Council are permitted to serve on the College’s statutory committees,  regulatory committees, nor rosters, and vice-versa. 

Diana Miles was appointed Chair of Council for a one-year term. A Vice-Chair of Council is not required under the Act.

As prescribed by regulation, the Chair of Council  is responsible for:

  1. Providing leadership to the Council by,
    1. guiding the Council in carrying out its responsibilities and working collaboratively with the Registrar,
    2. leading orderly deliberation and decision-making on matters before the Council, and
    3. acting as the liaison between the Council and the Registrar.
  2. Managing meetings by,
    1. calling and presiding over meetings,
    2. approving meeting agendas and meeting dates,
    3. ensuring that meeting agendas reflect matters assigned to the Council in accordance with the Act or the regulations,
    4. ensuring that minutes are taken at each meeting, reviewing and approving minutes at subsequent meetings, and signing the minutes once approved,
    5. directing members of the Council who have made a conflict of interest declaration to leave the meeting when the issue in question is being discussed, and
    6. providing reports for inclusion in the annual report and for presentation to the annual meeting of members.

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