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Complaints and Discipline

The College investigates and resolves complaints about College members related to professional misconduct, incapacity and incompetence.

Members accused of professional misconduct have a right to procedural fairness, including the right to answer and defend, to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise, and to have matters dealt with in a timely manner. They also have a right under law to appeal.

By proportion, complaints against teachers are rare. The College has 238,000 members. About 90 people on average face a public hearing in any given year.

Three-member panels of publicly appointed and teacher-elected College members rule on each case. The panel can decide on an appropriate penalty. The penalty can range from a reprimand, and direction to receive counselling or take courses, to losing one’s licence to teach. Disciplinary decisions are listed in alphabetical order.

Do you have concerns about a member? The filing and investigating of a complaint follows a specific process. Learn about the complaints process and the steps to take to submit a complaint.

The College’s disciplinary hearings are open to the public. Notices of hearings are posted to the hearing schedule as soon as they are served on the member.

The Professional Misconduct Regulation defines what actions form professional misconduct for College members.

As part of the disciplinary process, a member may be required to complete courses.

The College issues professional advisories to guide and advise its members about topics that are important to the teaching profession. For example, one advisory advised teachers how to best use electronic communication and social media.

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What Happens During a Disciplinary Hearing at the Ontario College of Teachers?

This video demonstrates how the College conducts public hearings into allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence.

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