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Supervisory Officer's Qualification

If you are an AQ provider, please use the provider SharePoint site for the latest guidelines.

Members who have at least five years of successful teaching experience and have a master's degree are eligible for the Supervisory Officer's Qualification program.

Supervisory officers employed by school boards must hold supervisory officer's qualifications and have either principal's qualifications or two years experience in administrative roles in education.

Supervisory officers have two prime responsibilities:

  • They are responsible to the Minister of Education for ensuring that ministry policies are carried out by school boards.
  • They are responsible to school boards for carrying out the duties assigned to them.

Supervisory officers need to possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to function effectively and proactively in an increasingly complex environment. Their ongoing professional learning must reflect these needs.

The program consists of four instructional modules, each consisting of at least 50 hours of instruction, and one module consisting of at least 50 hours of practical experience in the workplace.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition for the Supervisory Officer’s Qualification Program

The SOQP PLAR Application Guide is now available. For more information, call Client Services at 416-961-8800 or toll-free in Ontario at 1-888-534-2222, or e-mail us at info@oct.ca.

If you currently hold the position of Director or Superintendent in another Canadian jurisdiction or if you are a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers whose last position prior to certification in Ontario was as a Director or Superintendent of Education in another Canadian jurisdiction, please contact Client Services for more information about your eligibility for the supervisory officer qualification under labour mobility legislation.

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