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Appealing College Registration Decisions

The Registration Appeals Committee is an objective and impartial appeal body that provides further assurance that the teaching profession's licensing process is transparent and fair.

If you have applied to the College and been denied certification, you may appeal the decision to the Committee. You can also appeal any term, condition or limitation (TCLs) imposed on your certificate when you were certified.

The Committee is made up of five members of Council, three teachers elected by the profession and two members of the public appointed by the provincial government.

Further details on the registration appeals process can be found in the Guide to the Registration Appeal process. To request an appeal, complete the Request for Review by the Registration Appeals Committee form online. Alternatively, download the form (156 KB) and send it to the College with a $99 fee. Directions are on the form.

If you are:

  • A College member and have TCLs placed on your certificate, there is no deadline to appeal the Registrar’s decision. However, you must submit an appeal before you are expected to complete the TCLs.
  • If you were denied certification at the College you have 60 days from the date of the Registrar’s letter to submit the Request for Review form.

When we receive your application, the Committee’s support staff will send you copies of the material (the "appeal package") that the Committee will review when it considers your appeal. You will then have additional time to comment on these materials or provide any additional documents to the Committee.

The Committee meets regularly and the College makes its best efforts to ensure that an appeal is considered and a decision made within 120 days from when it is received.

The review by the Committee is normally a document review process. However, you may request to make an oral presentation to the Committee in addition to submitting written materials. Requests for an oral presentation will be considered by the Committee on an individual basis. You can request an oral presentation on the Request for Review form. A presentation is not required for an appeal.

Oral presentations to the Committee follow a specific format, which is described in Guidelines for Oral Presentations.

In exceptional cases, applicants can request a hearing for their appeal. Hearings follow specific Rules of Procedure. Requests for a hearing will be considered by the Committee on an individual basis.

When the Committee has completed its review, you will be provided with a written decision and reasons for the decision. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can appeal the decision to the Ontario Divisional Court in accordance with the rules of that court.

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