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Investigation Committee

The Investigation Committee considers complaints made to the College about its members.

When an investigation is completed, a panel of the Investigation Committee conducts a review of the information gathered. Neither the member, nor the complainant (employer or public), is present at the meeting. According to the information it receives, the Committee may decide to:

  • take no further action
  • adopt a Memorandum of Agreement reached through Complaint Resolution
  • issue a written reminder or advice to the member
  • caution or admonish the member in writing or in person
  • refer the matter in whole or in part to the Discipline Committee for a hearing (incompetence or professional misconduct)
  • refer the matter in whole or in part to the Fitness to Practise Committee for a hearing (if the information indicates that there may be health-related issues affecting the member’s ability to teach).

The panel’s written decision is sent to the member, the complainant (public or employer) and the member's current employer.

Incompetence and the Teacher Performance Appraisal - Guide for the Investigation Committee and Discipline Committee

Oral Admonishment Guidelines

In exceptional circumstances, the panel of the Investigation Committee which issued the decision (the "Panel") may permit alternative arrangements (i.e., the delivery of the oral caution or admonishment via video link) to a member who requests it. Such arrangements are only available in cases where the member establishes that personally attending the oral admonishment would cause undue hardship. The fact that it may be inconvenient for a member to personally attend an oral admonishment or that there may be costs involved in doing so does not automatically mean that a member would experience undue hardship.

A member requesting alternative arrangements may make written submissions to the Panel explaining why personal attendance would cause the member undue severe hardship and what alternative arrangements the member would need.

The Panel will consider submissions made regarding a request for accommodation. The Panel will then decide whether to permit alternative arrangements and, if so, what those arrangements would be.

The College will make reasonable efforts to provide the member with the Panel's written decision in a timely way. The decision of the Panel is final.

In each case, the Panel's decision will be based on the unique facts of the case.

In making its decision, the Panel may consider factors including, but not limited to:

  • the purpose and desired effect of the oral admonishment being delivered in person by a member’s peers;
  • the gravity of the Panel's concerns regarding the member’s alleged conduct;
  • the importance of ensuring that the significance of the Panel's message is conveyed sufficiently to the member; and
  • the member’s personal circumstances, including, but not limited to:
    • whether the member is still a member of the College;
    • if no longer active, or retired, the member does not intend to return to teaching;
    • the member has limited financial resources such that attendance would impose a financial hardship on the member ;
    • the member no longer resides in Canada or Ontario;
    • the member is suffering from a serious health issue, which is well- documented;
    • the member would require a travelling companion because of well-documented health and/or mobility issues; and
    • the distance that the member must travel in order to attend in Toronto.

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