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Internationally Educated Teachers

The Ontario College of Teachers welcomes internationally educated teachers.

This section provides you with the information you need to successfully apply to the College.

To teach in a publicly funded school in Ontario, you must register with the College, which issues your initial licence to teach when you meet the registration requirements.

Can I teach in Ontario?

Our Applicant Eligibility Assessment Tool will help internationally educated teachers interested in applying for a licence to teach in an Ontario public school determine how likely they are to meet certification requirements.

All teachers working in a publicly funded school in Ontario must be certified by the College. This eligibility assessment will help internationally educated teachers decide whether to apply to the College.

The assessment is free of charge, takes approximately 30 minutes and is available in English and French.  This tool will not guarantee certification outcomes.

Watch a video

The following videos provide useful information to applicants educated outside of Ontario.  

The video, Applying to the College, is for applicants who have not yet applied to the College. You’ll learn about the basic requirements for certification and useful tips for completing your application.  

The video, Evaluating your Application, will help applicants who applied to the College and were denied membership. You’ll learn about the evaluation process, how your credentials are assessed, and the requirements for a successful application.

Video: Applying to the College 

Script: Applying to the College

Video: Evaluating your Application

Script: Evaluating your Application

Additional details on requirements

For a complete list of certification requirements, download one of our registration guides. Pick the one that applies to you and make sure you read it carefully. Each one tells you what you need to know to get certified.

Below are additional details about applying, and information about specific countries, that will help you gather the documents you need to complete your application.

You will find out about College registration requirements and our online application process. You can learn about College information sessions, English courses and how your credentials are evaluated. You can read about education in Ontario.

Please note that requirements change from time to time.


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