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We welcome your application to become an Ontario Certified Teacher.

You must be a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers – an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) – to teach in Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

The Ontario College of Teachers’ Applicant Eligibility Assessment Tool helps internationally educated teachers determine how likely they are to meet the regulatory requirements for teacher certification in Ontario. 

You may begin and complete the online application process even if you live outside of Canada.

Before you begin your online application, you should watch the video Registering with the Ontario College of Teachers.

The application guide takes you through the steps of applying. We outline what information you will be asked for and what documents are required. You’ll learn about the importance of creating a password. We also provide tips for completing the application and who to call at the College if you need help.

You will be required to provide several documents. Some must be submitted on your behalf. To prevent delays, you should request documents, particularly from international institutions, at the beginning of your application process. Registration requirements may change without notice.

When submitting documents to the College, it is important to follow requirements set out in your registration guide to avoid delays. For example, if a transcript is not received directly from the institution or does not contain all of the required information it will not be accepted.

You may incur additional costs associated with the College application process, including expenses related to translations, language proficiency tests, criminal record checks or obtaining transcripts or other documents. You are responsible for payment of these fees. Current fees are listed on the College website.

Ready to apply to the Ontario College of Teachers? Apply now.

You can leave your online application and return at a later date. You’ll need your password to resume your application.

Track your application. When you log in regularly to check the status of your application, you can respond immediately if the College needs another document or more information.

If you applied to the College and were denied certification, you may appeal the decision to the Registration Appeals Committee. You can also appeal any term, condition or limitation imposed on your certificate when you were certified. Find out more about appealing registration decisions.

Do you have an expired or cancelled Ontario teaching certificate? Have you resigned from the College?  Then you need to re-apply.


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