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By the Numbers & Tweet Sheet

Cracking the Code

Computer coding in the classroom

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A section by Steve Brearton entitled, 'By the Numbers: Cracking the Code' subtitled 'Computer coding in the classroom'. It shows charts and figures about students and computer coding. Long description follows below.

A section by Steve Brearton entitled, By the Numbers: Cracking the Code subtitled Computer coding in the classroom. It shows charts and figures about students and computer coding.

The first section is titled Writing the future and has two pie charts. The first shows that 92% of Ontario students aged 12 to 18 and their parents, polled in an early 2018 survey, said knowing how to use digital technology is very or extremely important to the students' future. The second shows that 38% of students polled said their schools offered instruction in coding or programming.

The next section is titled Gender Gap and has two bar charts. The first shows the percentages of Canadian high school students, by gender, who self-reported as being competent in coding, according to a 2018 study. Boys reported 77.5%, girls reported 20% and 2.5% did not disclose. The second chart shows the percentages of students who reported themselves as having no experience in coding, according to the same study. 24% of boys reported this, 74% of girls reported this and 2% did not disclose.

The third section is titled Hour of Code. It indicates that 3,130 Canadian events were hosted in 2019 by Hour of Code, an organization dedicated to "demystify code." Female participation was 50%.

The last section states that there are 20 AQ courses offered by the College in 2020 to assist teachers who want to integrate computer technology into the classroom.

Sources: Actua National Coding Survey, The Learning Partnership, Ontario College of Teachers, Hour of Code

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