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Complaints and Discipline

Ontario schools are safe, supportive environments. While complaints against teachers are rare (roughly 1,500 per year, out of 234,000 members), the College is responsible for resolving all cases of misconduct.

Full details of what constitutes professional misconduct can be found in our Professional Misconduct Regulation.

Disciplinary Process

  1. If a formal complaint has been investigated, and is referred to the Discipline Committee, a three-member panel of publicly-appointed and teacher-elected College members hears and decides the case.
  2. If a member is found guilty of professional misconduct or to be incompetent, the panel may, among other things:
    • direct the Registrar to revoke the member’s certificate
    • direct the Registrar to suspend the certificate for up to two years
    • direct the Registrar to impose terms, conditions or limitations on the certificate
    • fix a period during which the member is ineligible for reinstatement
    • For findings of professional misconduct, the panel may also:
      • require that a member be reprimanded, admonished or counselled
      • impose a fine up to $5,000
      • fix costs to be paid by the member to the College
      • if the act of professional misconduct includes sexual abuse or a prohibited act involving child pornography, require the member to reimburse the College for funding provided under the therapy/counselling program and to post security for these costs.
  3. Members can appeal the decision to the Divisional Court.

Attending a hearing

All disciplinary hearings are generally open to the public. Notices of Hearing are posted to the hearing schedule as soon as the member has been served. 

Disciplinary Decisions

Search our archive of disciplinary decisions.

Submit information regarding a concern

Do you have concerns about a member of the College?

Video stillWatch: what happens during a disciplinary hearing at the College?

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