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Tools of the Trade

Take it Outside!

Science tells us connecting with nature improves our health. Luckily, tools abound for ecological learning — whether you're working with students online, in a classroom or outside. So why not take advantage of those resources and enrich your students' natural curiosity about our planet?

  1. Google Earth free

    Students can map how a river changes course over time, or follow the flight of apex predators. Use this stunning tool to take your class on virtual field trips and try out classroom activities. Intuitive navigation makes it an appealing tool for any grade.

    Grades: K to 12

  2. Project Noah free

    Join a global community of students in their quest to collect and store research on species around the world. Students can log wildlife sightings, share observations, and follow the ecological journeys of their peers through this innovative project.

    Grades: 5 to 12

  3. Nico & Nor Wonder Farm free

    Introducing the concepts of planting, this colourful app has young students plant some virtual greenery and watch it grow. A range of seeds, cute graphics and a cartoony soundtrack will keep students engaged in this introduction to plant science.

    Grades: K to 1

  4. Curio.ca: Gumboot Kids Curriculum free

    The animated Gumboot Kids explore nature through storytelling and song. This series (on CBC's curio.ca) also offers accompanying teacher's guides with suggestions for crafts, physical activities and conversation-starter questions.

    Grades: K to 3

  5. Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario (COEO) free

    Why not hunt for mathematical angles in the playground? Or take a reading circle out to the park? Find the tools to plan, troubleshoot and reflect on your outdoor learning excursions, whether you're leading an in-person or at-home group of students.

    Grades: K to 12

  6. Tyto Ecology US$6.99 for base game, US$3.99 for subsequent biomes

    Starting with a location like the desert or the rainforest, students then introduce plant and animal species to create complex biodomes. Real-time gameplay allows them to track and explore whether ecosystems thrive over time.

    Grades: 6 to 12

  7. Toca Nature $5.49

    In this gorgeous app, students create and maintain personalized forests full of plants and animals. Teach plant life and identification, habitats and conservation awareness while your students stroll through their virtual woodland.

    Grades: K to 4

  8. Canadian Geographic Online Classroom free
    Available in French

    Think your students would enjoy a nature photo essay? How about assembling an explorer's tool kit? Have students dig into biodiversity, mapping and climate change with grade-specific lesson plans designed to get conversations and ideas flowing.

    Grades: K to 12

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