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Governing Ourselves

This section provides updates on licensing and qualification requirements, notification of Council resolutions and reports from various Council committees, including reports on accreditation and discipline matters.

Investigation Committee Case Study

What Would You Do?

The College's Investigation Committee considers all complaints made to the College about its members and reviews all information resulting from investigations. The committee can dismiss a complaint or refer the matter, in whole or in part, to the Discipline or Fitness to Practise committees for a hearing.

The Investigation Committee may also caution or admonish the member in writing or in person, or provide written reminders or advice, or ratify a Memorandum of Agreement reached through the complaint resolution process.

By law, cases under investigation are confidential. For the education of members, the following account, based on facts from real cases, raises important questions about teacher conduct, such as what is appropriate and what is not. Details have been altered to respect confidentiality.

The College received a complaint from a parent regarding Martin, a high school teacher. It was alleged that Martin engaged in inappropriate and unprofessional conduct and failed to maintain the standards of the profession when, during a soccer practice, he:

1) asked a student why he was "acting stupid" during his English class earlier that day;

2) made derogatory comments about the school the student had previously attended and used profanity in the presence of the student, other students and school staff.

In response to the first allegation, Martin said he had been informed by the student's English teacher that the student and other team members were discussing soccer practice in class instead of doing school work.

Martin acknowledged that his comments at the practice were unprofessional.

If you were a member of the Investigation Committee panel, what would you have issued to Martin?

The Outcome

The panel decided to admonish Martin in writing against the conduct alleged in the complaint.

The panel noted that Martin, in his statement to his supervisor, admitted to making the comments.

For this reason, the panel felt it was appropriate to admonish him for behaviour inconsistent with the ethical standards of the teaching profession.

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