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Tools of the Trade

Plan for Success

No one’s born with great work habits. But with a teacher’s guidance — and the help of some easy-to-use tech tools — students can build the skills they need to up their organizational game, find their focus and tackle big projects with confidence.

  1. Evernote Free for basic version!

    “Everything in its place” applies to digital resources, as well. Students (or teachers) can use this handy tool to file away just about anything. Word docs? PDF? Web pages? Yes, yes and yes. Stay on top of schedules with to-do lists and reminders, too. Bonus: It can even search for keywords in handwritten notes!

    Grades: 7 to 12

  2. iStudiez Pro US$1.99 monthly, US$9.99 annually

    For high school students with plenty of assignments, this app’s bright, intuitive interface keeps track of teachers and projects, collates deadlines and keeps the day’s tasks orderly and colour coded. The result? A streamlined to-do list and fewer hurdles on the path to organization.

    Grades: 9 to 12

  3. Remind Free for basic version!

    It takes a village to raise an organized human. For students, good habits are much more likely to stick if they’re practised at home, too. Get families on the bandwagon by sending texts (you can schedule them in advance!) about upcoming quizzes, projects, homework and calendars.

    Grades: 1 to 12

  4. WorkFlowy Free for basic version!

    Modelling smart project management can have a major impact on students. By demonstrating assignments with this simple tool — break a project into bullet points and each point then expands into a new document — students witness how to chop a challenge into manageable chunks.

    Grades: 5 to 12

  5. Time Timer US$2.99

    Two key ingredients for strong work habits? Time management and focus. Support the development of both by asking students to zero in on just one task for a set amount of time. This app offers a visual reminder of time remaining, which can help fidgety learners get back on track.

    Grades: 2 to 12

  6. Coggle Free for basic version!

    Is a big task overwhelming to some of your students? Try this visual mind-mapping app to break it down, and nix the stress. Students can brainstorm ideas, then drag and drop assignment elements and steps into a flow chart. Suddenly that massive project is Mission Possible!

    Grades: 5 to 12

  7. Cold Turkey Free for the basic version!

    Here’s an eye-opening lesson on productivity: Launch this app to block specific distractions — maybe certain websites, social media or the entire internet — so there’s nothing left to do but type. When a student tries to access a blocked site, they see a motivational quote instead.

    Grades: 9 to 12

  8. myHomework & Teachers.io Free for the basic version!

    Presentations! Tests! Assignments! Entering all these details into one tidy spot — and using the reminder and due date features — can help students manage time and plot out their to-do lists effectively. Teachers can use the companion app, Teachers.io, to send assignments, notes and reminders, too.

    Grades: 7 to 12

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