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Apps Analysis

DragonBox Algebra 12+

Logo for DragonBox Algebra 12+.

Here’s a solution for students 12 and up who want to take a different approach to algebra. Developed by a high school teacher and a cognitive science PhD, this app involves learning and earning rewards. Goal: Isolate the dragon in a box by sliding picture cards across the screen and balancing the two sides. As the game progresses, those cards become mathematical symbols, and soon players are solving for X. This 12+ version tackles algebra problems for middle and high school students, involving parentheses, positives, negatives and fractions.

DEVICE: Apple, Android
SOURCE:Apple App Store, Google Play
RATING: 4+, Everyone

Montessori French Syllables

Logo for Montessori French Syllables.

Parlez-vous français? This app helps six- to eight-year-olds respond with a confident “oui!” Players mix and match letters to practise the elements of French-language pronunciation. Once they know the basics, they move on to games in which they hone their listening and comprehension skills. Options include different typefaces like the OpenDyslexic font. Excellent for children in any of Ontario’s French-language streams, from core to French-language schools. Note the instructions are in French, so beginners may need a bit of help from a bilingual adult.

DEVICE: Apple; Android
SOURCE:Apple App Store, Google Play
RATING: 4+, Everyone

The Enemy

Logo for The Enemy.

This immersive documentary helps high school students understand how war affects individuals. The app presents stories from fighters on opposite sides of a conflict, using augmented reality to make it seem like the soldiers are in the same room, listening to what their enemy has to say. The soldiers become more than combatants, paving the way for conversations about curriculum pillars including empathy and global citizenship. There’s a brief explanation of how the app works, plus descriptions of the wars for context. Best experienced on newer tablets and phones.

DEVICE: Apple; Android
SOURCE:Apple App Store, Google Play
RATING: 9+, Everyone

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