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FAQ for Existing College members and New Applicants

  1. If I’ve completed my program before September 2015 but haven’t been certified, how will this affect me?
    1. If you’ve already completed your teacher education program and are eligible to apply for membership in the College, you may wish to do so now. You are subject to the new requirements.
  1. I’m teaching now. Do I need to do anything to upgrade my skills, knowledge?
    1. Ongoing learning is a professional responsibility. However, there is no expectation directly related to the new program that affects Ontario Certified Teachers.
  1. I haven’t been through the program and I’m a Long-Term Occasional teacher. Will this affect my ability to get a job?
    1. Once you’ve been certified by the College, you will have met the requirements to teach in Ontario. Individual teachers can present a range of professional and academic experiences in competition for employment.
  1. Will these changes affect current Additional Qualifications?
    1. No. Ontario teachers routinely augment their initial teacher education program by taking Additional Qualification courses and this will continue.
  1. If I retire or resign my membership, will I have to upgrade my qualifications if I want to re-enter the profession?
    1. Any former member is not subject to new requirements of the enhanced program.
  1. I have a transitional certificate now. Will I have to upgrade my qualifications to get a permanent certificate?
    1. No. You will need to complete your program by the expiry date of the transitional certificate and have the required documents sent to the College to convert your transitional certificate to a permanent one.
  1. What happens if I’m enrolled in a program before September 2015 and can’t complete it until after that date because of illness?
    1. There are provisions in place for candidates who began their teacher education program before September 1, 2015 and were unable to complete it prior to that date because of exceptional circumstances, such as illness, incomplete program requirements, military service etc. If this describes your situation, please contact Client Services for a form. You will need to provide a detailed explanation and supporting documentation for our review. We will advise you if more information is required.
  1. How might this affect my ability to get a job?
    1. Ontario faculties will accept about 4,500 students into the new program in September 2015. That’s half the number of teachers who were newly certified in prior years. The majority of the first group of graduates will be ready for certification in 2017. This should afford Ontario Certified Teachers who are unemployed or underemployed greater opportunities to find employment.
  1. After 2015, will any of my Masters courses at OISE/UT qualify me for the Principals’ Qualifications program?
    1. There is no change to the prerequisites for the Principals’ Qualifications program. Additional Qualifications are not affected by the new enhanced program. However, if you are certified after September 1, 2015, based on a four semester program the graduate courses or Masters degree prerequisites for entry into the Principals’ Qualifications program cannot be the same credits used for certification.
  1. Since most international programs are one year long, isn’t this a systemic barrier for IETs?
    1. No. There are many different program formats and durations around the world. Ontario’s credential assessment methods for certification have not changed and are governed by principles of fairness and transparency. Certification requirements in Ontario, however, will reflect changes to the enhanced teacher education program.
  1. I am certified in another Canadian jurisdiction. Will I be affected by the changes to the teacher education program?
    1. Because of labour mobility, teachers certified in other Canadian provinces will not be affected by the enhanced teacher education program. The new program only applies to teachers educated in Ontario and in different countries.
  1. If I have conditions on my certificate, will new ones be added? If I don’t fulfill my current conditions, will I have more added when I reapply?        
    1. The enhanced program will not add new conditions to your certificate. However, you must fulfill any existing conditions before your certificate expires. If you allow your certificate to expire, you must complete your conditions before you can reapply.
  1. My certificate has been expired for years. Do I need to complete the new, enhanced program to reapply to the College?
    1. No. If you held an interim, provisional, limited or restricted certificate, you simply need to reapply to the College. But, if you also had conditions on your certificate and you reapply after September 1, 2015, you will need to fulfill the conditions before reapplying.

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