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Legislation recognizes all qualifications of Ontario’s technological education teachers

November 06 2020

(Toronto) - The Ontario College of Teachers applauds regulatory amendments approved by Council that officially recognize the education, work experience and professional competency of Ontario’s technological education teachers.

The technological qualifications will start to appear on members’ certificates and the College’s online public register, Find a Teacher at oct.ca in December.

“Ontario’s technological education teachers are highly qualified professionals,” says Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT, Chair of Council, Ontario College of Teachers. “The addition of their technological and academic qualifications to our public register honours and respects the work they put in to become Ontario Certified Teachers.”

“The changes are a positive development for our members and the public,” says Chantal Bélisle, OCT, Deputy Registrar, Ontario College of Teachers. “They promote fairness and equity among all College members while increasing public transparency and understanding about members’ qualifications.”

Find a Teacher

Find a Teacher, the College’s public register, lists everyone who has been certified to teach in Ontario's publicly funded schools. Each record includes:

  • a teacher's qualifications
  • terms, limitations and conditions on their certificate
  • date of initial certification
  • status with the College
  • disciplinary history, if applicable.

How it affects Ontario Certified Teachers

The College will take a staged approach to update its public register / Find a Teacher to reflect the regulatory changes, which include new headings on all teaching certificates.

While the look and feel of Ontario’s teaching certificates will remain the same for all Ontario Certified Teachers, technological education teachers will see the addition of their technological and academic qualifications.

All members in good standing can log into their Member account to see and print their certificates, either online or through the OCT Membership app.

New headings and additional information on certificates

All members will see the following heading changes on their teaching certificates:

  • “Degrees” will become “Academic and Technological Qualifications”
  • “Basic Qualifications” becomes “Teaching Qualifications”

As applicable, technological education teachers, will see these credentials added:

  • an acceptable certificate, diploma or advanced diploma
  • certificate of apprenticeship. 


About the Ontario College of Teachers

The Ontario College of Teachers licenses, governs and regulates the profession of teaching in the public interest. It sets standards of practice and ethical standards, conducts disciplinary hearings and accredits teacher education programs affecting more than 234,000 members in publicly funded schools and institutions across Ontario. The College is Canada’s largest self-regulatory body.

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