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Regulators’ conference focuses on inspiring public confidence

May 25 2016

May 25, 2016 (Toronto) – Love for regulators doesn’t come in the form of flowers, chocolates or sweet nothings. But, when they’re doing their jobs, regulatory bodies can inspire more than a little love from the public for the professions they regulate.

Regulatory bodies – those who have the legislative power to govern their professions – are gathered in Toronto this week along with trustees and district school board officials to learn, examine and discuss what it means to inspire public confidence.

“It’s an eclectic gathering of professionals with common ground and common goals,” says Conference Chair Joe Jamieson, Deputy Registrar of the Ontario College of Teachers. “Regulators license professionals, accredit their ongoing learning, receive and investigate complaints, and establish professional standards – all in the name of protecting the public interest.”

School board administrators and trustees will join regulators for teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers and more from Canada and around the world to network, mingle and attend workshops. Topics include: Mobilizing Regulatory Organizations to Better Inform the Public, Implementing the Truth and Reconciliation’s Committee’s Calls to Action, The Fairness Lens in a Changing Landscape and Mobile Devices, Social Media and Ethical Lapses. 

As well, the conference features keynote speeches by Lieutenant-General, the Honourable Roméo Dallaire (Ret'd) and author/journalist Linden McIntyre.

General Dallaire is a retired Canadian Army Lieutenant-General, a devoted humanitarian, and an outspoken advocate and champion of human rights. Linden MacIntyre is a Gemini award-winning journalist and former co-host of CBC Television's investigative program, The Fifth Estate. He reported from various parts of the world, including the Middle East, Central America and the former Soviet Union.

 “We’re pleased to sponsor this event as a way to engage professionals and spark conversation about the key components of what it means to act in the public interest,” says College Chair Angela De Palma. “The public may not always fully appreciate the work we do, but we are working to gain their acceptance and support by ensuring that the best educated people are in the right positions to serve our communities at ever-higher standards.”

Date: May 26 and 27, 2016
Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: Chelsea Hotel, Toronto
33 Gerrard Street West

See an overview of the full conference.


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