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College Reviews Registration Practices

August 20 2007

In 2006, the provincial government passed Bills 78 and 124, amending the Ontario College of Teachers Act and requiring the development of new regulations respectively.

Bill 78, the Education Statute Law Amendment Act (Student Performance), amended the College of Teachers Act to require that “any decisions made with respect to an applicant are transparent to and understandable by that applicant, with due respect to his or her individual circumstances.”

Bill 124, Fair Access to Regulated Professions aims to provide for registration practices that are transparent, objective, fair and impartial.

The Ontario College of Teachers currently supports internationally educated applicants via:

  • walk-in, telephone and e-mail support
  • individual meetings to discuss specific application issues
  • letters sent to institutions as appropriate, with written permission of the applicant
  • consultation with embassies, consulates, ministries and departments of education, and universities to help applicants with the issuance of documents
  • ongoing research and staff training on educational systems around the world
  • a continuously updated web site database to help applicants understand and navigate the application process
  • four information sessions each month to explain how to apply, how to obtain documents, what to do if they’ve been denied certification, how to turn interim certificates into permanent licences and how to apply for jobs
  • and regular meetings with community and other agencies that support newcomers to Ontario.
The College is also a partner in Teach in Ontario, a bridging program that assists internationally educated teachers in meeting language proficiency and other certification requirements, and in seeking teaching jobs.

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