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Registrar's Speaking Notes

September 07 2004

Good morning. Thank you for coming. My name is Doug Wilson and I am the Registrar of the Ontario College of Teachers.

The purpose of this news conference is to release the results from our second annual State of the Teaching Profession in Ontario survey.

The survey is part of our ongoing commitment to communicate with Ontario educators and gauge their thoughts and feelings about teaching in the province. This year, for the first time, we have also commissioned a similar survey of the public.

We believe that frank, open communication about teaching with practising professionals and the people they serve is healthy. We hope that this survey contributes to that ongoing dialogue.

The College is responsible for licensing teachers and regulating the teaching profession in the public interest. We set high ethical and practice standards for teachers and ensure that educators in our publicly funded schools are qualified and certified to teach and supervise.

Ultimately, we aim to improve the quality of teaching which results in better learning for Ontario's students.

The College has the unique advantage of being able to speak with educators from all systems at the same time about professional matters. Our 193,000 members come from every English, French, elementary and secondary publicly funded school system in Ontario. Many private school teachers also belong to the College.

Hearing the voices of parents and members of the public further enriches our understanding of commonly held perceptions about teaching. These insights can and should be discussed further and, where appropriate, acted on.

The back-to-school telephone survey of more than 1,000 teachers and 500 members of the public explored teacher roles in inspiring and preparing students for the future. It asked teachers where they find job satisfaction. It probed feelings about the effectiveness of schools in the community and it sought opinions on testing and evaluating students and whether those results should be used to evaluate staff and schools or determine funding to schools and school boards.

Some answers will surprise you. Others echo long held and well-known perceptions.

Now, it is my pleasure to introduce Marilyn Laframboise, Council Chair of the Ontario College of Teachers, and Conrad Winn, President of COMPAS Inc., the public opinion and customer research firm the College commissioned to conduct the research.

Mr. Winn will present an overview of the findings and Ms. Laframboise will provide a context for the study and its significance. All three of us will be available afterwards to answer any remaining questions you may have.

Mr. Winn

Thank you Conrad. I'd like to ask Marilyn Laframboise now to comment on the study and its importance.


Thank you Madam Chair.

At this time, we will take your questions. Please tell us your name and the organization you represent.

Registrar moderates question and answer session with media.

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