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Background for New Teacher Induction: Growing into the Profession

December 10 2003

Background for New Teacher Induction: Growing into the Profession

About New Teacher Induction: Growing Into the Profession

  • Unanimously endorsed as a policy paper by the Ontario College of Teachers Council following months of research and province-wide consultation with teachers,
    school and system administrators and parents
  • Calls for full provincial funding of a $40 million, mandatory two-year program of support for newly certified Ontario teachers

Elements of an Induction Program

  • provides initial school and classroom orientation
  • benefits from ongoing, school-based peer support
  • includes a mentoring component
  • provides resources, time and support structures
  • offers professional learning opportunities for new teacher and their mentors
  • demonstrates administrative support, understanding and commitment
  • creates opportunities for reflection and self-assessment
  • focuses on new teacher concerns as well as system priorities
  • is standards-based.

Why the College is proposing this

An effective induction program will help teachers make the transition from their pre-service education to the classroom. By supporting teachers in their new environment and helping them enhance their knowledge and skills, we help them find satisfaction in teaching and more of them will stay in the profession. By helping them improve their teaching practice, we improve student learning.

Proposed investment

The College recommends that the school funding formula be amended to provide new, sufficient, targeted and sustained funding for induction programs in every Ontario school board.

Mentor training $4,000,000
Time for mentoring activities $24,000,000
Board administration and support $3,000,000
Professional Development for new teachers $9,000,000
Total cost of two-year induction program $40,000,000

What Teachers say about Mentoring

"With Jean-Baptiste, I felt valued, appreciated and supported. He became, for me, a real guide."

Nicole Richard
Special Education teacher
École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde Ottawa
"Nicole's new teaching practices and her enthusiasm have greatly influenced my teaching. Mentoring is indispensable, not only for new teachers but for all teachers."

Jean-Baptiste Arhanchiague
Special Education teacher
École L’Odyssée, Orléans
"At any time, I could ask Richard questions and express my fears to him. That allowed me to have confidence in my abilities."

Sherry Polomark
dramatic arts teacher
École secondaire publique Louis-Riel Gloucester
"Mentoring enriches the co-operation between teachers, as much for beginners as for experienced teachers."

Richard Nadeau
dramatic arts teacher
École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde Ottawa
"Marie and I would leave school at the same time and I'd ask her questions. The mentor relationship just sort of evolved -- we had the same style, shared the same points of view. We were just a good fit."

Angelo Giulianolupo
Grade 3 teacher
Lord Lansdowne Public School, Toronto
"Mentoring isn’t one-sided. You start out sharing information or a perspective, but soon you start learning too."

Marie Yasui
Grade 2 teacher
Lord Lansdowne Public School, Toronto

"A mentor helps to instill confidence in a teacher and shows them they have something to share with other teachers. That's when the team work begins."

Barbara Duck
Randall Public School, Markham

"Barbara made me realize that I could reflect on what I could do to be a better teacher. I didn’t feel that I was in it by myself. I felt like I had a team behind me."

Patricia Rappos
Grade 2 teacher
Randall Public School,Markham

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