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16 septembre 1996

TORONTO – Education reform in Ontario took a big step forward with the launch of the Ontario College of Teachers, today, at a news conference in Toronto. Minister of Education and Training John Snobelen was on hand to congratulate the college as it began its work.

"For the first time in the history of education in Ontario we will have a College of Teachers which will develop and enforce standards for teacher training, certification and practice, Snobelen said.

"For the first time, parents can be assured that students are getting the best teaching possible; and teachers can be assured that they are getting the best training possible, throughout their working careers.

"The new three Rs of our education system will include responsibility to parents, relevance to our students, and respect for our teachers."
The college's governing council will be made up of members of the public, appointed by the minister, and teachers. The college was announced by the minister last November, and legislation, The Ontario College of Teachers Act, received royal assent in June.

"I'm impressed with the speed with which the college was able to organize and begin the vital task of improving the quality of the teaching profession," Snobelen said. "It's a positive sign for the future of the college, its work, and the excellence of education in Ontario."

Starting today, the college will begin registering Ontario's teachers. It is also asking teachers for nominations to the college's first governing council. The teachers will elect their council members in early 1997.

Teachers wishing further information can call 1-800-604-9430, or contact the Ontario College of Teachers Web site at www.oct.ca.

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