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Where My Fee Goes

Council approved a membership fee of $150 for 2014. The fee supports some of the most profound changes in the College’s operations since its inception in 1996.

Significant changes

Following an independent review of our disciplinary process and Council’s approval of 49 associated recommendations, the College has added eight new positions in Investigations and Hearings through the reassignment of 3.5 existing positions and the addition of 4.5 new staff to help improve timelines and address an 80 per cent increase in activity. 

The review also cited public awareness and transparency as the first and most critical issues to address. Accordingly, early in 2014, a communications initiative was launched to increase awareness of the College and its mandate as a regulator in the public interest.

Improved service to members

The College’s professional fee remains among the lowest of all of Ontario’s regulated professions. College Council is committed to keeping member fees as low as possible to maintain the College’s level of service to the public and our members while making improvements where we can. 

For example, it is now easier for College members to access their membership profile and personal information via a new mobile application. The app enables members to access their electronic membership card, update their profile, find an AQ (Additional Qualification), and access discounts from hundreds of merchants across Ontario and Canada. Members continue to receive an annual member card in the mail and are able to view and print their membership card via the website.

Take a closer look

Take a closer look at how the membership fee is used and how it compares to membership fees and staffing complements for other professional bodies. 

The method and timing for fee payments is consistent with past practice. The member fee is due on January 1, 2014, and payments are accepted until April 15, 2014. No changes are made to membership status until after that date. Fees that are collected by school boards (employers) for members through payroll deduction are remitted to the College prior to February 5, 2014. Payment is also accepted through the E‑services section of the College’s website.

Where My Fee Goes

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