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Schedule F: Qualifications in Technological Education

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Schedule F one-session courses are available exclusively to teachers with technological education qualifications. This group of courses provides technological education teachers with the opportunity to gain a greater depth of knowledge in their area of expertise. These teachers can enrol in a Schedule F course that is related in content to their broad-based technology area.

Schedule F courses are currently in development.

Click on a subject name below for links to the most up-to-date guidelines available, as well as information on status and release cycles. Release dates are based on current estimates and may change.

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Schedule F

Teaching Communication Technology - Interactive New Media and Animation

Teaching Communication Technology - Photography and Digital Imaging

Teaching Communication Technology - Print and Graphic Communications

Teaching Communication Technology - Radio, Audio and Sound Production

Teaching Communication Technology - TV, Video and Movie Production

Teaching Computer Technology - Computer Repair

Teaching Computer Technology - Electronics

Teaching Computer Technology - Interfacing

Teaching Computer Technology - Network Support

Teaching Computer Technology - Networking

Teaching Computer Technology - Robotics and Control System

Teaching Computer Technology Information Technology Support

Teaching Construction Technology - Carpentry

Teaching Construction Technology - Civil Engineering

Teaching Construction Technology - Construction Management and Science

Teaching Construction Technology - Electrical/Network Cabling

Teaching Construction Technology - Heating and Cooling

Teaching Construction Technology - Masonry

Teaching Construction Technology - Plumbing

Teaching Green Industries - Agribusiness

Teaching Green Industries - Agriculture

Teaching Green Industries - Floristry

Teaching Green Industries - Forestry

Teaching Green Industries - Horticulture

Teaching Green Industries - Horticulture Management and Science

Teaching Green Industries - Landscaping Architecture

Teaching Green Industries - Landscaping Construction and Maintenance

Teaching Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Advanced Shaping and Styling

Teaching Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Chemical Hair Services

Teaching Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Fashion and Theatrical Make-up

Teaching Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Spa Services

Teaching Health Care - Child Development

Teaching Health Care - Dental Services

Teaching Health Care - Gerontology

Teaching Health Care - Laboratory Services

Teaching Health Care - Nursing/Medical Services

Teaching Health Care - Pharmacy Services

Teaching Health Care - Therapy Services

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Applied Nutrition

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Baking

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Cooking

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Culinary Arts and Management

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Event Planning

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Tourism and Travel Planning

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Computer Aided Manufacturing

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Industrial Maintenance

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Machine Operator

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Precision Machining

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Robotics and Control Systems

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Robotics and Control Technician

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Sheet Metal

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Welding

Teaching Technological Design - Apparel and Textile Design

Teaching Technological Design - Architectural Design

Teaching Technological Design - Interior Design

Teaching Technological Design - Mechanical and Industrial Design

Teaching Technological Design - Robotics and Control System Design

Teaching Transportation Technology - Auto Body

Teaching Transportation Technology - Auto Service

Teaching Transportation Technology - Heavy Duty and Agricultural Equipment

Teaching Transportation Technology - Light Aircraft

Teaching Transportation Technology - Small Engine and Recreational Equipment

Teaching Transportation Technology - Truck and Coach

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