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Schedule F: Qualifications in Technological Education

If you are an AQ provider, please use the provider SharePoint site for the latest guidelines.

Please contact Kathy Plamondon for an update on AQ guidelines with a date of 4 years or more prior to developing and submitting an AQ for accreditation. Initial new AQ drafts or other relevant AQ information will be provided to you.

Schedule F one-session courses are available exclusively to teachers with technological education qualifications. This group of courses provides technological education teachers with the opportunity to gain a greater depth of knowledge in their area of expertise. These teachers can enrol in a Schedule F course that is related in content to their broad-based technology area.

Schedule F courses are currently in development.

Click on a subject name below for links to the most up-to-date guidelines available, as well as information on status and release cycles. Release dates are based on current estimates and may change.

Can’t view a guideline or feedback form? Try saving it to your computer first. Simply right-click (Mac users: click and hold CONTROL) on the link and select Save Target As (Mac users: Save Link As).

Schedule F

Teaching Communication Technology - Interactive New Media and Animation

Teaching Communication Technology - Photography and Digital Imaging

Teaching Communication Technology - Print and Graphic Communications

Teaching Communication Technology - Radio, Audio and Sound Production

Teaching Communication Technology - TV, Video and Movie Production

Teaching Computer Technology - Computer Repair

Teaching Computer Technology - Electronics

Teaching Computer Technology - Interfacing

Teaching Computer Technology - Network Support

Teaching Computer Technology - Networking

Teaching Computer Technology - Robotics and Control System

Teaching Computer Technology Information Technology Support

Teaching Construction Technology - Carpentry

Teaching Construction Technology - Civil Engineering

Teaching Construction Technology - Construction Management and Science

Teaching Construction Technology - Electrical/Network Cabling

Teaching Construction Technology - Heating and Cooling

Teaching Construction Technology - Masonry

Teaching Construction Technology - Plumbing

Teaching Green Industries - Agribusiness

Teaching Green Industries - Agriculture

Teaching Green Industries - Floristry

Teaching Green Industries - Forestry

Teaching Green Industries - Horticulture

Teaching Green Industries - Horticulture Management and Science

Teaching Green Industries - Landscaping Architecture

Teaching Green Industries - Landscaping Construction and Maintenance

Teaching Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Advanced Shaping and Styling

Teaching Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Chemical Hair Services

Teaching Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Fashion and Theatrical Make-up

Teaching Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Spa Services

Teaching Health Care - Child Development

Teaching Health Care - Dental Services

Teaching Health Care - Gerontology

Teaching Health Care - Laboratory Services

Teaching Health Care - Nursing/Medical Services

Teaching Health Care - Pharmacy Services

Teaching Health Care - Therapy Services

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Applied Nutrition

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Baking

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Cooking

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Culinary Arts and Management

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Event Planning

Teaching Hospitality and Tourism - Tourism and Travel Planning

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Computer Aided Manufacturing

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Industrial Maintenance

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Machine Operator

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Precision Machining

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Robotics and Control Systems

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Robotics and Control Technician

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Sheet Metal

Teaching Manufacturing Technology - Welding

Teaching Technological Design - Apparel and Textile Design

Teaching Technological Design - Architectural Design

Teaching Technological Design - Interior Design

Teaching Technological Design - Mechanical and Industrial Design

Teaching Technological Design - Robotics and Control System Design

Teaching Transportation Technology - Auto Body

Teaching Transportation Technology - Auto Service

Teaching Transportation Technology - Heavy Duty and Agricultural Equipment

Teaching Transportation Technology - Light Aircraft

Teaching Transportation Technology - Small Engine and Recreational Equipment

Teaching Transportation Technology - Truck and Coach

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