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Therapy and counselling funding support available

On January 1, the College began a program for funding for therapy and counselling to support students alleging sexual abuse or an act of child pornography against an Ontario Certified Teacher.
Up to $16,060 can be claimed. In addition to funding for the student, funding for therapy or counselling for a parent, guardian or sibling, as well as expenses for transportation, accommodation, childcare or translation services that were necessary to facilitate access to therapy or counselling may be eligible.

What would you do?

The College’s Investigation Committee reviewed the case of a teacher who asked students to make personal cellphone calls on her behalf.
If you were a member of the committee, what would you do? See the outcome.
Myth: Freedom of speech allows me, as a College member, to say what I want on social media even if my comments incite hatred against an identifiable group.
Fact: Electronic communication and social media can be used as evidence in disciplinary cases, and in criminal and civil proceedings. Learn more about the College’s advice on the use of social media and electronic communications and how it can help to guide your professional practice.

Roles of Council committees

There are 14 Council committees that help to govern the College. Each committee has a unique role in protecting the public interest.
For example, the Discipline Committee conducts hearings and rules on matters of professional misconduct or incompetence. It also imposes penalties ranging from counseling and reprimands to suspension and revocation, as appropriate.
Read more about what Council committees contribute to self-regulation of the teaching profession in Ontario.
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Don't forget to pay your 2020 membership fee

If your membership fee isn't deducted through payroll, please pay the $170 fee directly to the College. You can pay with credit or debit through your bank, via E-Services on the OCT membership app or, or by cheque. The deadline is April 15, 2020.



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