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Your College and You
What would you do?
What would you do?
The College’s Investigation Committee reviewed the case of a female teacher who allegedly made inappropriate use of electronic communication by texting students, inviting them to her condo, and taking one on a personal trip.
If you were a member of the College’s Investigation Committee, what would you do? See the outcome of Blurred Boundaries.
One month to run for College Council
One month to run for College Council
Good writing skills? Understanding of public accountability? Maybe you’re a Council member in waiting! The deadline to nominate yourself or someone else for election to the College’s Council is Friday, December 1.
Myth or Fact?
Myth or fact?
Being a member of the College Council is a full-time commitment.
Fact: On average, Council members dedicate 25 to 60 days per calendar year to Council business, depending on their interest, time and committee assignments.
Meetings are held in Toronto. The College reimburses an elected member’s employer for the member’s absence while attending Council and committee meetings during regular workdays.
Use music to promote social justice within your school
Use music to promote social justice within your school

A new youth campaign is reinforcing messages around anti-bullying and compassion through music. Check out the tools you can use with your students.

Have you seen our new professional advisory on responding to bullying? It offers guidance on how to respond to student bullying.
In the community
In the community

The College attends events to raise awareness about its role to protect the public interest — which includes managing risks to protect student safety — and to promote the high standards to which you and your colleagues aspire.

Have a question? Come talk with us at an event near you!
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