IN THIS ISSUE: TONIGHT: 2018 Annual Report goes live
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A teacher and a student
JULY 2019
2018 annual report cover
2018 Annual Report goes live
Take a closer look at member demographic information, committee reports, and our financial picture for the past fiscal year.
Watch the Chair and Registrar highlight the College's 2018 accomplishments.
The College's annual meeting of members
Highlights from our Annual Meeting of Members
At the 2019 Annual Meeting of Members, Council Chair Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT, reported on Council’s work, in particular, a review of the College’s mission, vision and strategic priorities.
Deputy Registrar, Joe Jamieson, OCT, discussed how the College’s work is based on protecting and serving the public interest, with student well-being and safety as the main focus. Highlights from 2018 include legislative changes, professional advice to teachers and self-governance.
Various committee reports were also given and a panel discussed how to support students’ mental health.
Missed the meeting? You can watch a video of the proceedings online.
Extract of an infogrpahic about supporting students' mental health
Do you know how to support at-risk students?
Last fall, the College released a professional advisory for Ontario educators about how to support students’ mental health.
Here’s a visual and easy way to remember what to do.
College council
Council position filled
Council has appointed Nancy Saunders, OCT, to fill a vacancy in the Northeast Region Part-time/Full-time category, effective May 30, 2019.
Joe Jamieson, OCT
Interim College CEO & Registrar

Council has appointed Joe Jamieson, OCT, as interim College CEO & Registrar for a year, beginning January 2020, to temporarily replace Michael Salvatori, OCT, who is taking a leave.

Children and their teacher
What do students envision for their education?
The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association (OSTA-AECO) released The Students’ Vision for Education. It contains input from over 20,000 students on how to improve Ontario’s education system.
A sign saying 'Myths or Facts'
Myth: The College advocates for members’ employment rights.
Fact: The College’s core mandate includes setting standards of practice, accrediting Ontario teacher education programs, licensing eligible applicants and investigating complaints to determine whether disciplinary action is required.
Still unclear of the College’s role? See Who Does What in Education.
College staff at a public event
In the community
We come to you! The College attends events to raise awareness about its role in protecting the public interest – which includes promoting the high standards to which you and your colleagues aspire.
Have a question? Come talk to us at an event near you!

Belleville: Waterfront and Multicultural Festival on July 13-14.

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