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Your College and You
What would you do?
What would you do?
The College’s Investigation Committee reviewed the case of a female teacher who allegedly made inappropriate use of electronic communication by texting students, inviting them to her condo, and taking one on a personal trip.
If you were a member of the College’s Investigation Committee, what would you do? See the outcome of Blurred Boundaries.
Reviewing incompetence matters
Reviewing incompetence matters
A new guide has been created to assist the Investigation Committee and Discipline Committee in their review of incompetence matters from unsatisfactory teacher performance appraisals.
Myth Fact
Myth: Individuals can make an anonymous complaint against members of the College.
Fact: The College does not investigate anonymous complaints. Complaints must be signed and copies are shared with the member.
Listening to you
Listening to you
The College is conducting focus group sessions across the province with English and French-speaking teachers and members of the public in August.
These sessions help us gather feedback on College's initiatives such as preferred topics for future professional advisories.
Member participants are selected randomly from the College registry database.
In the community
In the community
We come to you! The College attends events to raise awareness about its role in protecting the public interest – which includes promoting the high standards to which you and your colleagues aspire.
Have a question? Come talk to us at an event near you!
Children’s Festival on August 18th from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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