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march 2020
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Developing professional relationships with students

How do you know if your conduct is always in the best interest of your students? The College’s updated advisory, Professional Misconduct of a Sexual Nature, provides a list of behaviors to avoid.
It also demonstrates the vigilance of the teaching profession against the sexual abuse of students.
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What steps do you take in your classroom to support diverse learning styles?

See how your peers respond to that same question in the June issue of Professionally Speaking.

This poll encourages OCTs to share opinions and effective practices on educational topics related to professional practice.
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Now accepting: 2020-2021 scholarship applications

The College’s scholarship program acknowledges teacher candidates for their outstanding academic achievement and high level of preparedness for teacher education. Applications are accepted until June 26, 2020.

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Myth: The College is governed by the Ontario government.


Fact: The College operates under the Ontario College of Teachers Act and is governed by a Council of 37 members.

Twenty-three are College members elected by their peers. Fourteen are appointed by the provincial government.
A photo of the College Council.

Roles of Council committees

There are 14 Council committees that help to govern the College. Each committee has a unique role in protecting the public interest.


For example, the Executive Committee approves Council meeting agendas, presents reports on policy initiatives to Council and conducts business between Council meetings.



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