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APRIL 2021

Governance update — Recruitment process.

Governance update – Recruitment process

The recruitment process for the College’s transitional rosters of panellists is complete. Meet the professionals who will adjudicate matters until a new Council, committees and rosters are established later this year. Read more.
April 29: Maintaining professional boundaries in-person and online.
April 29: Maintaining professional boundaries in-person and online
Join us and our panel of experts to discuss our professional advisory on the importance of upholding professional boundaries with students. This webinar is free-of-charge and open to OCTs, applicants and members of the public. Register today.
Check out the library’s new online magazines!
Check out our library’s expanded selection of online magazines!
Browse, read and download our eight new online magazines at the Margaret Wilson Library.
Log in to your online College account, click Library in the right navigation pane and then click Online Magazines at the top of the page.
Contact the library with any questions at or 416–961–8800 ext. 679.
Video conferencing guidelines.
Video conferencing guidelines
You can minimize risks and model the virtual professionalism expected from teaching professionals.
In addition to your employer and the Ministry of Education’s advice, here are some guidelines to support your professional practice in the use of this technology.
Myth: The College advocates for members’ employment rights.
Fact: The College has no involvement in member advocacy including employment. The College’s core mandate includes setting standards of practice, accrediting Ontario teacher education programs, licensing eligible applicants and investigating complaints to determine whether disciplinary action is required.
Still unclear of the College’s role? See Who Does What in Education.


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