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Student protection.

Student protection

The Ontario College of Teachers welcomes the passage of new legislation that strengthens student safeguards while modernizing the operations of the College.
The legislation reinforces numerous recommendations the College's Council has made to the government in recent years.
The College welcomes the appointment of Paul Boniferro as the Transition Supervisory Officer (TSO).

The College welcomes the appointment of Paul Boniferro as the Transition Supervisory Officer (TSO)

Paul Boniferro has been appointed by the government to help the College transition to its new governance model.
Rosters application open.

Rosters application open

We're looking for qualified and dedicated individuals, reflecting Ontario's diversity, to support the governance of the teaching profession in Ontario.
Apply to join our rosters of panellists to serve the Accreditation, Accreditation Appeals, Discipline, Fitness to Practise, Investigation and Registration Appeals work of the College.
New temporary certificate receives overwhelming response.

New temporary certificate receives overwhelming response

The College's creation of a temporary certificate has received an overwhelming response from teacher education candidates.
More than 1,500 applications were received in the first five days of the application period which opened on February 1, 2021.
The new temporary certificate will enable faculty of education students to begin teaching sooner and is one of various solutions being implemented in the education sector to address COVID-19-related teacher shortage in Ontario.
What would you do?

What would you do?

The College's Investigation Committee reviewed the case of a high school teacher who engaged in inappropriate and unprofessional conduct during a soccer practice.
If you were a member of the College's Investigation Committee, what would you do? See the outcome.
Precious impact of a drama teacher.

Precious impact of a drama teacher

Hamza Haq, the star of the CTV series Transplant, shares how a drama teacher helped him find his calling — and why he regrets not paying more attention in physics class.


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