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Your College and You.


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What would you do?

The College’s Investigation Committee reviewed the case of a high school teacher who sent an email to a parent, including inappropriate comments.
If you were a member of the College’s Investigation Committee, what would you do? See the outcome.
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Registrar & Chief Executive Officer

The College is launching the recruitment process for its Registrar and CEO.
Reporting to the College Council, the Registrar and CEO is responsible for the administration of the Ontario College of Teachers Act and its associated regulations.
As CEO, the Registrar is also responsible for the financial, human resources and operations of the College. To find out more – and to apply – please visit

Are you teaching the new math curriculum this year?

You can borrow materials from the Margaret Wilson Library to assist you. We will ship to you at no cost.

You can also access e-books and research databases.

Access the library via your online College account.

College’s 2019 annual report now online

Achievements. Stats. Decisions. Now online, the College’s 2019 annual report contains member demographics, highlights of Council and committee activities from the past year, messages from the Chair and Deputy Registrar, and more. Find the report here.

You decided 2021.

Run for College Council or nominate a colleague

Interested in shaping Ontario’s teaching profession or know someone who is? Consider running or nominating a colleague for one of 23 elected Council positions.

This short video highlights the information you need.

As a Council member, you would provide leadership for the teaching profession in Ontario.

A photo of the College's Council.

Roles of Council committees

There are 14 Council committees that help to govern the College. Each committee has a unique role in protecting the public interest.

For example, the Investigation Committee receives and investigates complaints about College members related to professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity.


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