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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive a Certificate of Qualification and Registration with a condition?

To be eligible for a Certificate of Qualification and Registration without conditions, your teacher education program must be academic, not employment-based and completed at the post-secondary level. It must also lead to certification or authorization to teach in the jurisdiction where you completed it. 

Your program needs to include at least four semesters of teacher education coursework that is comprised of:
  • education foundations
  • methods suitable for two teaching qualifications in Ontario
  • complementary education to support methodology coursework and;
  • a minimum of 80 days of supervised practice teaching. 

You must also meet the academic, language proficiency and professional suitability requirements for certification.

A Certificate of Qualification and Registration with conditions may be issued if you have incomplete requirements. Please ensure that you review your certificate and, if applicable, its conditions.

To learn more about fulfilling your condition(s), click here.


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