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Prescribed Professional Learning Courses

When the Discipline Committee finds a member guilty of professional misconduct or incompetent, or when the Fitness to Practise Committee finds a member incapacitated, the Committee may order the Registrar to impose terms, conditions or limitations on the member’s certificate.  This may include conditions requiring the member to successfully complete Prescribed Professional Learning courses, also referred to as remedial courses.

Members may also be required to complete other types of courses, such as Additional Basic Qualifications or Additional Qualifications.

Course outlines

Courses are tailored to members’ specific needs and focus on the areas of practice requiring remediation. Course outlines have been developed to address the four most common types of Prescribed Professional Learning courses:

The Registrar must pre-approve courses, which are taught by practitioners with demonstrated educational leadership, and / or expertise in a particular subject.

For members: have you been ordered to take a Prescribed Professional Learning Course?

The decision of the panel of the Discipline Committee or Fitness to Practise Committee will outline the type of course(s) that you are required to take and specified area(s) of focus. Course outlines can be found in the links above.

You will need to:

  1. find a course practitioner who can deliver the course (contact us for recommendations)
  2. cover the cost of the course
  3. ask your course practitioner to submit both the Course Approval Form and Course Completion Form to us on your behalf.

Upon successful completion of your prescribed course(s), this condition on your certificate will be considered satisfied.

For course practitioners: are you delivering a course to a member?

Getting started:

  • Please read the corresponding course outline found in the links above and any documents noted in the Committee order. Outlines will explain course length, expected outcomes, assessment and evaluation of the member, and offer suggested course content.
  • Submit a Course Approval Form on behalf of the member you are instructing. If the Registrar does not approve the proposed course, it will be returned to you for modifications.

Upon successful completion:

  • Submit a Course Completion Form on behalf of the member. It will be used to determine whether or not the College can remove the condition from the member’s certificate.

Questions or concerns?

Please email the completed form with attachments to ppl@oct.ca. Questions can be directed to 437.880.3506 or Toll-free (Canada and U.S.A.): 1.833.966.5588

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