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Academic Records and Transcripts

You must arrange for your postsecondary institution to send to the College the academic records for all the degrees and programs you listed on your application form. The College will base its evaluation on these records.

These academic records must have the:

  • original seal and signature of the registrar
  • hours of study for each course for each term or year
  • marks obtained for each course
  • name of the degree and the date (day, month, year) on which it was granted
  • dates you attended.

In addition the documents must:

  • come directly from the postsecondary institution to the College
  • be in the postsecondary institution’s official language.

The academic records for your teacher education program must also include:

  • the number of weeks, the grade levels and the subjects you taught in the supervised practice teaching
  • the grade levels and subjects for your teaching methods (methodology) courses
  • if your program focused on the secondary level, the subjects for which you completed course work
  • language of instruction and mode of delivery (a face-to-face practicum required for certification).

If you earned your degrees outside Canada and the United States, arrange for the registrar to include a covering letter that:

  • bears the postsecondary institution seal and registrar's signature
  • lists your name as it appears on your Ontario College of Teachers application form and your Canadian social insurance number or your College registration number
  • contains any of the above information that is not in the transcripts.

The College recognizes that some jurisdictions issue academic records using different terms and in different formats. Click here for information on specific countries.

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