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Temporary Certificate

  1. What is the College doing?

    The College is creating a new Temporary Certificate of Qualification and Registration (temporary certificate) to help the province address shortages of qualified teachers as a result of COVID-19.


  3. Why is the College introducing a new teaching certificate?

    The new certificate will help the province address COVID-19-related teacher shortage. The College endorsed the creation of a temporary certificate to enable faculty of education students to begin teaching earlier as a partial solution to the shortage.


  5. Who is eligible to receive a temporary certificate?
  6. Students who:

    • Have applied for membership in the College, supplied all required documents, paid all fees, and met our registration requirements
    • Have applied for the temporary certificate
    • Are enrolled in an accredited Ontario teacher education program and are expected to successfully complete their program by December 31, 2021, have made successful progress in their program and, at the time of application, successfully completed a portion of their practicum requirement
    • Have ensured that they have been reported as being eligible for the temporary certificate by their faculty of education.

    Teachers with a limited certificate issued from another Canadian province or territory can also apply if it is similar to the temporary certificate.


  7. When can I request a temporary certificate?

    You can now request the temporary certificate online.


  9. Can I take an Additional Qualification (AQ) course while holding a Temporary Certificate?

    If you have successfully completed your program of professional education, you may take AQ courses through a faculty of education. You will not be admitted into an AQ course without first having completed your program of professional education.

    Please note that if you successfully complete an AQ course, the AQ will not appear on your Temporary Certificate of Qualification and Registration. Instead, once you convert your Temporary Certificate to a General Certificate of Qualification and Registration, the AQ will be reflected on the General Certificate provided that you meet all other requirements outlined in Part III of Regulation 176/10 to be awarded the qualification.

    Teacher candidates who hold a Temporary Certificate of Qualification and Registration with a condition to successfully complete the Math Proficiency Test (MPT) and a condition to complete their program will need to complete both conditions in order to convert to a General Certificate of Qualification and Registration.

    Should you complete the AQ course before your program of professional education is completed, the AQ will be considered by the College to have been taken for personal professional learning purposes and will not appear on your General Certificate of Qualification and Registration.

    Please ensure that you arrange to have an official transcript sent directly to the College, confirming completion of the program of professional education. The College will also require a report from your faculty confirming completion of the program.


  11. Is it part of the practicum?

    Teaching experience gained as a result of holding a temporary certificate may be used to satisfy a part of your practicum, subject to approval from your faculty of education. Important: remember to contact your faculty of education for information on acceptable documentation.


  13. I already applied to the College and my application is still being processed. Can I request the temporary certificate as well?

    Yes. You can request the temporary certificate by filling out this form, providing you meet the requirements.


  15. How long is the temporary certificate valid for?

    The temporary certificate will expire on December 31, 2021. However, this is subject to any condition to pass the Mathematics Proficiency Test as described below.


  17. Can Students in a Concurrent Teacher Education Program be Granted the Temporary Certificate?

    Teacher candidates may only be granted the temporary certificate if they have applied for membership in the College, supplied all required documents, paid all fees, and meet all registration requirements. These registration requirements include the requirement to hold an acceptable postsecondary degree, which applies to teacher candidates in all Ontario teacher education programs unless they are enrolled in a Native Language, First Nations, Métis, Inuit Ancestry or technological education initial teacher education program.

    The post-secondary degree must be granted to an applicant prior to the granting of the temporary certificate. This registration requirement is the same for any type of certificate issued by the Ontario College of Teachers.


  19. Will I need to pass the Math test?

    Yes. Ontario applicants are required to pass the Mathematics Proficiency Test. However, between January 30, 2021 and December 31, 2021, they can be issued a temporary certificate with a condition to pass the test by December 31, 2021.

    If this condition is not fulfilled by December 31, 2021, their temporary certificate will expire and there will be no extensions. They will be required to pass the test and meet all other applicable certification requirements before re-certification.  


  21. Does the temporary certificate allow a teacher candidate to teach in all divisions or are there restrictions?

    The temporary certificate will reflect the same qualifications (areas of study) as part of your teacher education program. Teaching assignments are handled by the Ministry of Education.


  23. How do I request the temporary certificate?

    You will first need to apply for membership in the College, fill in the form for the temporary certificate and provide all required documents.

    For more information, see who can request a temporary certificate and read the relevant registration guide to learn about our document requirements.


  25. How long will it take to receive a temporary certificate?

    Once you apply for the certificate, the College makes best efforts to review the application within 30 business days, after we have received and processed all required documentation including the general application and the annual membership and registration fees.


  27. How can I avoid delays with my application for a temporary certificate?

    Apply early. Read the relevant registration guide to learn about our document requirements. Check your application status often.

    There are some documents that you need to send us such as:

    • a criminal record check,
    • proof of your name, place and date of birth
    • proof of name change (if applicable)
    • proof of competency, work experience (for technological education teachers)

    Some documents must come from an institution, such as:

    • report indicating you are eligible for the temporary certificate
    • transcripts
    • statements of professional standing (when applicable).

    In addition, some of these documents may need to be translated. Review the registration guide to ensure the correct documents are submitted to us.


  29. What do I do if I have trouble arranging for documents?

    If you are unsuccessful in obtaining the required documents, you can submit a written and signed request for the College to intervene on your behalf. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    Please read the Protocol for Alternative Documents for next steps if it is impossible to provide us with documents.

    Note: This may cause a delay in processing your application.


  31. What will the temporary certificate look like?

    The temporary certificate will resemble other certificates issued by the College and will list the members name, registration number, academic and technological qualifications and teaching qualifications. Members can access their certificates via our OCT Membership app or by logging into their College account. All members receive a one-time print membership package at the time of initial certification.


  33. Will holders of the temporary certificate be issued a designation document?

    Yes. The designation document is included in the membership package that is sent to all members at initial certification.


  35. Can I use the OCT designation if I am certified with a temporary certificate?

    Yes. Holders of the temporary certificate are members of the College and are eligible and encouraged to use the OCT designation if they are in good standing.


  37. Will the temporary certificate automatically be converted into a Certificate of Qualification and Registration (CQR)?

    The temporary certificate will be automatically converted to a CQR upon receipt, prior to January 1, 2022, of official evidence sent directly to College, which confirms that you have completed your teacher education program. We also need confirmation that you passed the Math Proficiency Test.


  39. What happens if I don't finish my program by December 31, 2021?

    The temporary certificate will expire on December 31, 2021. You will need to complete your program, reapply to the College and meet the requirements in place at the time that you reapply.


  41. How is the temporary certificate different from any other certificates issued by the College?

    The certificate would be a limited-time, emergency measure designed to address severe teacher shortages in Ontario’s public school system caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The certificate will expire on December 31, 2021. Members with a temporary certificate will have the same rights and privileges as all College members. They can:

    • use the OCT designation
    • teach in Ontario’s publicly funded schools
    • access the member’s account and app
    • use College resources, such the library

    They are also bound by the standards of the profession and relevant legislation.

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