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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a teaching certificate the same as my diploma?

A: No. A teaching certificate is your licence to teach. It is generally issued by a College of Teachers or Ministry or Department of Education. A diploma is issued by a postsecondary institution when you successfully complete their program. However, some countries do not issue teaching certificates. If this is your case, a copy of your diploma might be sufficient. Click here for country-specific information on teaching certificates.

Q: Can I use another document instead of a teaching certificate?

A: In most cases, another document may not replace a teaching certificate. Here are examples of some jurisdictions where you can use the statement of professional standing in place of a teaching certificate:

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Pakistan.

Q: My academic records do not include specific course hours. I cannot get this information. What should I do?

A: Contact your postsecondary institution and have them send the information directly to the College in a letter. Or, if you have a course syllabus that has course hour information you can submit a photocopy.

Q: My postsecondary institution sent the official academic records to my home in error. I have not opened the envelope. Since it is still sealed, can I bring them in or mail them to you?

A: Unfortunately, no. You will have to contact the postsecondary institution again and ask them to send another set of transcripts directly to the College.

Q: Because of the political unrest, I cannot get transcripts from my postsecondary institution. Is there an acceptable substitute?

A: The College does require an official transcript to be sent directly from the postsecondary institution. However, we recognize that it is sometimes difficult to have official documentation to be sent directly from countries where there is political unrest. We have carried out extensive research on many countries and intervene on the behalf of applicants when they have provided proof that they cannot get a transcript.

If you experience difficulty arranging for an institution or organization to send documents directly to the College, you can ask the College to intervene on your behalf. Send a letter to the Director of the College's Membership Services Department asking the College to contact the institution for you. This letter should outline the attempts you have made and identify the name of the institution(s) and document(s) you are having difficulty obtaining. You must also attach evidence of your attempts – for example, copies of letters you have sent to the institution(s) – to this letter. We'll be in touch with you and, if we are able to assist you, we will send you a copy of the letter we've sent to the institution on your behalf.

Q: What are Basic Qualifications?

A: These are the qualifications teachers receive after their initial teacher education program. To be licensed to teach in Ontario, teachers need expertise in two consecutive divisions: primary/junior or junior/intermediate or intermediate/senior.

Division Grades
Primary Junior Kindergarten to 3
Junior 4 to 6
Intermediate 7 to 10
Senior 11 and 12

Since teachers in primary and junior divisions teach all subjects, there are no subject requirements.

Teachers in junior/intermediate must have expertise in one subject specialization in the intermediate division.

Teachers in intermediate/senior division must have expertise in two subjects in each division.

There is a list of subjects in the Requirements for Becoming a General Education Teacher in Ontario(PDF), which you can download from this site.

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