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Canadian Certified Teachers FAQ

Q: What is the labour mobility legislation?

A: The Ontario Labour Mobility Act became law in December of 2009. Labour mobility refers to the revised Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) signed by the federal, provincial and territorial governments to make it easier for professionals and tradespeople, investment and goods to move across the country.

Under the terms of labour mobility, professionals and tradespeople certified in one Canadian jurisdiction will be considered to have met the requirements for certification in other Canadian jurisdictions without having to undergo material additional training or assessment or meet additional experience requirements.

Q. Who is affected by labour mobility?

A. Labour mobility applies to people who are certified to practise an occupation by a regulatory authority of a Canadian province or territory.

Under labour mobility, certified professionals and tradespeople will be recognized as qualified for that occupation by all other provinces and territories without any additional training, experience, examination and assessments, with just a few exceptions.

The exceptions include language proficiency, a criminal record check and evidence of good character. A statement of professional standing is one example of evidence of good character for applicants to the Ontario College of Teachers.

Q: How does this affect the College of Teachers?

A: The College certifies about 500 teachers from other Canadian jurisdictions every year.

The College will issue a permanent Certificate of Qualification and Registration to certified teachers residing elsewhere in Canada. The certificate will have no conditions, except for those permitted under the labour mobility agreement.

Q: How do teachers from other parts of Canada apply to the College?

A: Teachers certified elsewhere in Canada must apply to the College through our regular registration process and submit documents specified in the appropriate registration guide. This applies to teachers who completed their teacher education program in Canada and internationally.

The College will review the applicant’s documents, including transcripts, to grant one or more divisional qualifications and any additional qualifications which would indicate the divisions or subjects that the teacher has been educated to teach.

Q: Does the labour mobility act have any implications for internationally educated teachers applying from outside of Canada?

A: No.

Q. I am certified in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Why are you asking me for a statement of professional standing from my country/province?

A: The College requires every applicant who has been certified in another jurisdiction to provide a statement of professional standing from every jurisdiction where they have been certified, even if they have never taught in that jurisdiction

Q. I am certified in Alberta to teach K-12. Will I receive similar qualifications to teach?

A: The College will review your teacher education transcripts to determine what grade levels and subject areas you are qualified to teach, based on your course work.

Q. Under what scenarios would an applicant certified in another province or territory not receive a Certificate of Qualification and Registration?

A. Labour mobility allows certifying bodies to require that applicants meet language proficiency requirements and provide evidence that they have not been disciplined or barred from their profession for reasons of misconduct. Applicants who cannot meet those requirements could be denied certification.

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