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Acceptable Documents

All documents must be complete and clear. They cannot be changed or modified in any way.

Certain documents must come directly from the institution that issued them. The College reviews these documents and their envelopes.

The envelope must have:

  • the institution’s name and address
  • stamps or seals across the back of the envelope flap
  • postage and postmark of the country.

If the document is sent by courier, it must contain the institution’s name and address.

If the College has questions about a document, we will do one of two things:

  1. We will not accept the document and ask you to have the document sent to the College again, or
  2. We will send a letter to the institution to verify the contents of the document or the method of delivery. We will write to you when we send a letter of verification to the postsecondary institution. Depending on what we receive, you may have to provide more information.

The College may not accept a document if it is:

  • illegible
  • expired
  • altered
  • without the required information or signatures
  • inconsistent with other documents
  • not in the official language of the institution
  • issued directly to you or a third party
  • without the official seals or stamps of the institution
  • not an original
  • from an unaccredited institution.

Fraudulent documents

The College verifies the authenticity of all documents it receives. If we confirm that a document is questionable, we will contact you.

Providing false or incomplete information to the Ontario College of Teachers is considered professional misconduct. Your application will not be accepted if any information is discovered to be fraudulent.

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