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Academic Records

You must arrange for your university to send to the College the academic records for all the degrees and programs you listed on your application form. The College will base its evaluation on these records.

The College has specific requirements for these documents. See Academic Records for detailed information.

Statement of Professional Standing

A Statement of Professional Standing is required from the country, province or state where you completed your teacher education program, and from any other country, province or state where you are or have been certified to teach.

The College understands that Statements of Professional Standing are not always issued by a central authority governing the teaching profession in Bulgaria.

Instead, you must arrange for the head of the last school where you taught in Bulgaria to send a letter of reference directly to the College. The letter must be current. It must list the dates and length of your employment and say that you were never suspended for any disciplinary reason and that your conduct was satisfactory.

In addition, you must get an original, signed police report of a criminal record check (also called a Conviction Status Certificate) from Bulgaria. The report must be less than six months old when the College receives it. You may submit the report yourself or have the Bulgarian police send it directly to the College. This will be in addition to the Canadian criminal record check.

Teaching Certificate

You must send a photocopy of your teaching certificate from all jurisdictions where you are or have been authorized to teach. This applies even if you have never taught there.

The College understands that teaching certificates are not issued in Bulgaria. Instead, we will accept a photocopy of your teacher education diploma.

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