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Applicant Eligibility Assessment for internationally educated teachers

Our Applicant Eligibility Assessment tool will help internationally educated teachers interested in applying for a licence to teach in an Ontario public school determine how likely they are to meet certification requirements.

All teachers working in a publicly funded school in Ontario must be certified by the College. This eligibility assessment will help internationally educated teachers decide whether to apply to the College.

The assessment is free of charge, takes approximately 30 minutes and is available in English and French.  This tool will not guarantee certification outcomes. Please be aware that in order to provide an accurate outcome, you will be asked to complete the entire assessment, regardless of the answer(s) you have given.

Note: This assessment is designed for internationally educated teachers. If you are certified to teach in another Canadian province or territory, please visit our website for information on applying as a labour mobility applicant under the Ontario College of Teachers Act and its regulations.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a teacher in Ontario. This assessment will help internationally educated teachers like you determine how likely you are to be qualified to teach in an Ontario public school.

This assessment is free and information will not be collected or shared.

Every teacher working in Ontario’s publicly funded schools must be a certified member of the College. We license teachers based on whether or not an applicant has:

  • completed an acceptable teacher education program;
  • completed an acceptable post-secondary degree of at least three years in length or work experience if applicable;
  • met the College's language proficiency requirements, and;
  • met the College's Professional suitability requirements.

To learn more about the requirements for certification, download the General Education Registration Guide or the Technological Education Registration Guide.


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