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Oral Presentations - Registration Appeals Committee of the Ontario College of Teachers

General Guidelines

These guidelines are to be read in conjunction with the sections of the Ontario College of Teachers Act (the "Act") dealing with reviews by the Registration Appeals Committee (the "RAC".)

    1. Parties before the Registration Appeals Committee are the Ontario College of Teachers (the "College") and the person requesting the review (the "appellant").
    2. These guidelines apply only to oral presentations by an appellant to the RAC and do not apply to hearings and the taking of oral evidence at a hearing.
    3. Each party must agree in writing to the format of an oral presentation. 
    4. The Chair of the RAC may issue supplementary guidelines to govern a presentation.
    5. A presentation to the RAC can only be made in association with and in respect of a review as defined in the Act.
    6. A request for a review for which a presentation is requested must be received and carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the Act.
    7. In a presentation to the RAC, the College shall be represented by the Deputy Registrar and/or a designate. 
    8. Presentations will take place at the offices of the Ontario College of Teachers or by videoconference or other electronic means in exceptional circumstances as determined at the discretion of the Chair.
    9. The costs incurred by the appellant associated with the preparation for and making of the presentation (for example, travel) will be the responsibility of the appellant.
    10. At the request of the Chair, independent legal counsel and appropriate College staff shall be made available to the RAC.  
    11. Pursuant to section 44 of the Act, the appellant may request his or her presentation to be held in English or French.

Pre-presentation Guidelines

    1. In the event that an applicant for membership requests a review by the RAC and seeks the opportunity to make an oral presentation to the Registration Appeals Committee, the Request for Review must include a request for an oral presentation.
    2. Both parties must agree to an oral presentation to be conducted as part of the review. 
    3. In the event that one of the parties does not agree to an oral presentation, the RAC may provide for an alternate method of proceeding at its sole discretion pursuant to section 21.(8) of the Ontario College of Teachers Act.
    4. A request to make a presentation to the RAC must be received in writing within 60 days of the receipt of the Request for Review.
    5. An appellant may request to bring up to two representatives at the time the appellant makes a request for an oral presentation. The appellant must identify the proposed representative or representatives when the date and time for the presentation is confirmed.
    6. Under the direction of the Deputy Registrar of the College or a designate, arrangements for the presentation will be provided in writing and will include the date and time and any other relevant details.
    7. The RAC will make best efforts to arrange for an appellant’s presentation to be made at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
    8. In the event that an appellant fails to attend for a scheduled presentation, the RAC may proceed with the review on the basis of the submitted written materials alone.
    9. All materials to be considered by the RAC shall be provided to the appellant, and the appellant will be provided with 45 days in which to provide additional submissions.
    10. Supplementary documentation that has not been previously submitted to the RAC pursuant to the timelines set out in these guidelines may not be considered by the RAC and cannot be submitted by the parties at or during the oral presentation, unless directed otherwise by the RAC.
    11. Any supplementary documentation by a party must be submitted to all parties at least 20 days prior to the presentation. Parties will have the opportunity to submit any responses up to 10 days prior to the presentation.  
    12. All materials to be considered by the RAC shall be provided to the RAC within 10 days prior to the presentation. 

Presentation Guidelines

    1. Presentations are not open to the public.
    2. The appellant’s presentation is to be made by the appellant, or his or her representative, in accordance with the requirements as set out in the Act and these guidelines. The appellant is entitled to attend to hear the presentation made by the College.
    3. Proceedings of presentations will be recorded.
    4. Presentations by either of the parties are normally 30 minutes in length, subject to the directions of the RAC or Chair.
    5. Following presentations by the parties, the appellant will be excused to allow the RAC to deliberate to determine if they have any specific questions of the appellant. If the RAC has questions, the appellant will be invited to return to the meeting room to answer questions.
    6. An appellant will be asked to respond to any additional questions that members of the RAC may have.
    7. An appellant will not be permitted to ask questions of the RAC.
    8. The RAC may have questions of the College following presentations by the parties. The appellant may attend during these questions.

Post-presentation Guidelines

    1. Following completion of the presentations, the RAC will deliberate on the review.
    2. RAC deliberations will not be recorded.
    3. Should members of the RAC request additional information of either party, this may be requested in writing with a timeline for response. 
    4. The RAC will provide a written decision to the appellant in accordance with the Act.

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