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Meet our 2023 scholarship recipients

The Ontario College of Teachers Scholarship Program awards four $1,500 scholarships to exemplary students enrolled in a teacher education program in Ontario.

This direct financial assistance helps future teachers who have demonstrated courage, perseverance and excellence, while being dedicated to the highest standards of teaching.

This year, 131 applications were received, and the following students were selected to receive this year’s awards:

Sanya Cardoza, Tom Friesen, Ana Kraljvecic and b Wrauley. 

Sanya Cardoza, Tom Friesen, Ana Kraljević and b Wrauley

Joseph W. Atkinson Scholarship for Excellence in Teacher Education

Sanya Cardoza, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Sanya demonstrates an unwavering commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion in education, both in theory and practice.

While maintaining an impressive GPA, she has co-authored a research paper exploring supportive environments for women in STEM as well as another research paper focusing on student perspectives in educational practices. Her current project to create an educator's guide for supporting equitable and inclusive teaching practices is a testament to her leadership skills and an illustration of her commitment to continuous growth and lifelong learning.

One of her references highlights Sanya's exceptional qualities as a future teacher, imparting knowledge and cultivating a love of learning.

Sanya is already distinguishing herself as a transformative force in education.

Ontario College of Teachers Primary/Junior or Junior/Intermediate Scholarship

Tom Friesen, Wilfrid Laurier University

Tom’s professional trajectory is guided by steadfast dedication to serving the cash-poor and individuals experiencing homelessness. With a career spent largely in this meaningful work, he embodies the values of empathy and respect. As noted by one of his references, he brings patience and a particular insight into personality and social and emotional needs to all his interactions. Notably, his approach to conflict resolution is characterized by a profound understanding of the human experience, affording everyone the dignity they deserve. Beyond his admirable service to the underserved, Tom’s commitment to ongoing learning is exemplary, reflecting a deep-seated desire to continually enhance and strengthen his educational practice.

His compassionate service, commitment to personal and professional growth, and his empathetic perspective on youth and diverse learning needs position him as a welcome motivational force in future classrooms.

Ontario College of Teachers Intermediate/Senior Scholarship

Ana Kraljević, York University

Ana stands out as a teacher candidate committed to academic and community excellence. Her fluency in languages fosters cross-cultural understanding and makes her a valuable asset in our multicultural classrooms.

She has demonstrated a passion for student advocacy, ensuring that they have a voice, especially during the pandemic.

Beyond language skills, her active participation in student council and governance is a testament to her strong leadership and organizational skills.

Her dedication to volunteering with the elderly reflects a spirit of compassion and demonstrates her commitment to community excellence. Embodying the values of care, respect, trust and integrity, she is not only an accomplished student, but also a dynamic force for positive change within her academic and local community.

Brian P. McGowan Scholarship for Resilience

b Wrauley, Nipissing University

b Wrauley is a remarkable teacher candidate who continually demonstrates impressive resilience in the face of personal challenges. Having overcome the removal of a brain tumor as a child, they continue to navigate physical and mental health challenges with staunch determination. Despite these hurdles, the recipient has forged ahead, becoming a lead instructor at a rock-climbing gym where they designed and implemented programs that fostered holistic development of youth—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The recipient's journey, marked by questioning their gender identity and coming out as gender-fluid in adulthood, has provided invaluable insights into perseverance, inclusion, and diversity, especially within the classroom. Coming to teaching as a second career, their personal journey, coupled with dedication to Indigenous reconciliation, makes b Wrauley a beacon of inspiration and a powerful advocate for creating inclusive and diverse learning environments.

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