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College’s focus group sessions

In the summer of 2016, the College held focus groups with members and the public to gauge their knowledge of the College’s mandate, their preferred topics for the next professional advisory and their opinions on a number of communication products and initiatives.

Where we went

The College led 21 focus groups across the province. These cities were chosen to reflect different geographical regions, demographics and languages. In each location, we met with two groups of College members and one group of parents. In Sudbury, Toronto and Ottawa, we held an additional fourth session with French-language parents.

Who we engaged

Each focus group session brought together 9 to 17 participants, randomly selected from among College members in good standing and parents with children in the public education system.

Half the participants in Sudbury, Ottawa and Toronto were French-speaking.

What we surveyed

Our engagement process was designed to:

  • gather insights into what they know about the College and how they become informed about the organization
  • identify topics for future professional advisory topics and better understand which subjects are important to College members and parents and why
  • gather opinions about the College’s current communications products and services and learn how we can refine them to meet our audiences’ needs.

Here are highlights of what they said:

  • Parents are unfamiliar with what the College does but are interested in knowing more;
  • The vast majority of parents think that the College should do more to help the public understand its consumer protection role and the services that it makes available;
  • Parents want the College to help the public understand how teachers are licensed and regulated in Ontario;
  • Parents are unaware of the public register and the ability to access disciplinary hearings and decisions on our website;
  • Members have a very good knowledge of the College’s role;
  • Professional advisory topics identified included bullying followed by communication by parents; special education followed by classroom management by College members;
  • You Tube is social media platform that matters to members the most followed by Facebook and Pinterest;
  • About 1 in 4 College members have downloaded the College’s app;
  • College members wish to know the distinct roles of the College and teacher federations.

The feedback helps the College’s 37-member governing council and College staff act with increased agility and efficiency in its regulatory role of serving the public interest. By better anticipating arising needs and forthcoming changes on the horizon, Ontario certified teachers and the public can both be better served.  

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