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Serving on Council, Committees and Rosters

The College Council is the governing body of the Ontario College of Teachers. Council members will be selected through a competency-based process.

An 18-member Council will be established to govern the College. Council develops and approves policies that regulate the teaching profession in Ontario.

Council will consist of nine members of the College in good standing and nine members of the public who must not now be, nor ever have been, a member of the teaching profession. Members of the College with a status other than good standing (e.g., retired) must reinstate their membership in order to be eligible for a position on Council, a committee or a roster.

Council members will initially be appointed for one or two-year terms. Terms thereafter are for two years. Term limitations will apply, for example, if you have previously served as a Council member. A person appointed to Council, a committee or a roster will be limited to no more than six consecutive years of service. Individuals who served on the previous councils or rosters for a total of six years cannot be appointed until three years have elapsed since the end of their last day of service.

On average, Council and committee members dedicate 10-30 days a year to College business. Meetings will initially take place online. However, some meetings may involve travel to the College’s office in Toronto.

The College provides orientation and training to support new Council, committee and roster members before they assume their responsibilities.

The College reimburses a member’s employer for replacement costs when the member attends meetings during regular workdays. If summer meetings are required, the member is compensated directly at a rate of $150 per day. Members of the public are compensated at a rate of $150 per day. When applicable, travel, accommodation and meal expenses are reimbursed.

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