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Minutes of Council Meetings

Minutes of the Special Meeting of Council of the Ontario College of Teachers held on December 9, 2011 in Hearing Rooms 1 & 2, 12th Floor, 101 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Table of Contents

1. Call to Order/Welcome

2. Agenda

3. Conflict of Interest

4. Business Arising

5. Adjournment

Present: Danny Anckle, Alexander (Sandy) Bass, OCT, Shabnum Budhwani, Carlo Cappello, OCT, Marie-Louise Chartrand, Monique Châteauvert, Rebecca Coulter, OCT, Irene Dembek, OCT, (via teleconference) Gale Dores, OCT, Marc Dubois, OCT, Martha Dutrizac, OCT, Monika Ferenczy, OCT, Nick Forte, OCT, Dobi-Dawn Frenette, Robert Gagné, (via teleconference), Clyde Glasgow, Mel Greif, Garry Humphreys, Allyn Janicki, OCT, Annilee Jarvis, OCT, Bill Kirkwood, Clint Lovell, OCT, Darlene Mead, OCT, Liz Papadopoulos, OCT, (Chair), Ruth Ann Penny, OCT, (Vice-Chair), Terry Price, OCT, Tanya Roberts, OCT, Susan Robertson, Robert Ryan, OCT, Mara Torcaso, OCT, Pauline Smart, Henry Tyndorf, OCT, Hanno Weinberger, OCT, Sharon Young Kipp, OCT, Michael Salvatori, OCT, (Registrar)

Regrets: Dean Favero, OCT

Presiding Officers: Peter Lipman, OCT, Douglas McCarthy

Staff: Kim Bauer, Tan Crombie, Francine Dutrisac, OCT, Myrtle Herzenberg, Joe Jamieson, OCT, (Deputy Registrar), Michael Kaptein, Richard Lewko, Michelle Longlade, OCT, Charlie Morrison, Linda Zaks-Walker, OCT

1. Call to Order/Welcome

The Presiding Officer, Peter Lipman, called the meeting to order at 11:50 a.m. and welcomed all present.

It was noted that Steering was comprised of Ruth Ann Penny and Mel Greif.

2. Agenda (GC20111209-156)

It was moved by Steering, and


That the Agenda for the December 9, 2011 Special Meeting of Council be approved.

3. Conflict of Interest

No conflicts were declared.

4. Business Arising

4.1 Bylaws — Proposed Amendment to Section 21 — Annual Membership Fees (GC20111209-157)

The Registrar noted the Notice of Motion from the previous meeting of Council relating to the bylaw amendments to Section 21, Annual Membership Fees.

It was moved by Steering, and


That Council approve that College Bylaws section 21.04 a. and b. be amended by the deletion of "$120" and "2009" to be substituted by "$138" and "2012" to read:

21.04 The annual fee shall be:

  1. $138 for 2012
  2. $138 for subsequent years or as may be amended from time to time, by the amendment of these bylaws.

Roll Call Vote:



Anckle, Danny

Budhwani, Shabnum

Cappello, Carlo, OCT

Châteauvert, Monique

Dembek, Irene , OCT

Dubois, Marc, OCT

Dutrizac, Martha, OCT

Ferenczy, Monika, OCT

Forte, Nick, OCT

Gagné, Robert

Glasgow, Clyde

Greif, Mel

Humphreys, Garry

Jarvis, Annilee , OCT

Kirkwood, Bill

Mead, Darlene, OCT

Papadopoulos, Liz, OCT

Penny, Ruth Ann, OCT

Roberts, Tanya, OCT

Robertson, Susan

Ryan, Robert, OCT

Smart, Pauline

Torcaso, Mara, OCT

Tyndorf, Henry, OCT

Weinberger, Hanno, OCT

Young Kipp, Sharon, OCT

For: 26


Abstain: 8 Absent: 1

5. Adjournment

The Chair advised Council members that they had raised $500 for the J.R. Nakogee Elementary School in Attawapiskat.

The Chair advised members that Dobi-Dawn Frenette’s term of office would expire on December 18, 2011. The Chair thanked Dobi-Dawn Frenette for the work she had done on Council. She expressed the hope that the Minister would reappoint her to Council.

The Vice Chair of Council thanked Dobi-Dawn Frenette for the work she had done on both the Standards of Practice and Accreditation Committees. Both committees had benefitted greatly from her perspective.

Dobi-Dawn Frenette addressed Council and thanked them for the opportunity to serve on Council and expressed the hope that she would be reappointed.

The meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.

Signed: Chair, Liz Papadopoulos, OCT

Signed: Registrar, Michael Salvatori, OCT



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