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Committees of Council

Council members will serve on the following subcommittees of Council:

  • Audit and Finance Subcommittee
  • Human Resources Subcommittee
  • Selection and Nominating Subcommittee


The following committees will be composed of equal numbers of members of the profession and members of the public. Council members do not serve on these committees:


  • Investigation Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Fitness to Practise Committee
  • Registration Appeals Committee


  • Accreditation Committee
  • Accreditation Appeal Committee


Statutory – Conducts hearings into and rules on matters of professional misconduct or incompetence. Imposes penalties ranging from counseling, reprimands and admonishments to suspension and revocation, as appropriate. Hears applications for reinstatement of members whose teaching certificate was revoked for disciplinary reasons.


Statutory – Conducts hearings and rules on physical or mental capacity of members. Suspends, revokes or imposes terms, conditions or limitations on the member's Certificate of Qualification and Registration, as appropriate. Hears applications for reinstatement or variances of earlier orders.


Statutory – Receives and investigates complaints about College members related to professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity. Examines documents and information collected in an investigation into a member’s conduct or actions. Decides how to properly deal with complaints.


Statutory – Considers and rules on appeals from applicants denied College membership or College members who are certified with terms, conditions and limitations. Assesses applicant qualifications against College registration criteria. May deny applications or direct the Registrar to issue a Certificate of Qualification and Registration.


Regulatory – Reviews and accredits teacher education programs at Ontario faculties of education. Sets direction for the accreditation of additional qualification courses including principal and additional qualification programs.


Regulatory – Considers and rules on appeals about accreditation of teacher education programs and courses.

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