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Shannon Marcus, OCT

Shannon Marcus
  • Registration: 507760
  • Private School

Certified to teach in Ontario: 2006

Current employment: Principal

Employer: Durham Christian High School

Professional qualifications




BA (Program of Teacher Education)

Calvin College, Michigan
University of Toronto

Required biography

Has been working in education for 13 years. Began career teaching French and humanities at Durham Christian HS. Moved in 2009 to teach at the American International School of Egypt. Returned to Canada in 2011 to work at Woodland Christian High School as the director of international students and a French teacher. In 2015, returned to Durham Christian High School to become its principal.

Having served on Council for the past three years, has gained significant understanding of the work of the College and specifically of Council, whose role is to provide direction and guidance to the College’s daily work. The College holds teachers accountable to professional standards and sets the tone for what it means to be a professional in the province of Ontario.

Optional biography

I have been working in education for 13 years and come from a family of educators. I believe that education is the key to a flourishing, fulfilled society. In the past I have served as the chair of Edifide a professional association for Christian educators. I have also volunteered in a variety of community organizations and local groups.

I look forward to assuming a role on the eighth College Council and furthering my input to help shape the work of the College for the teaching profession in the next three years and beyond.

Eligible nominators (Registration)

  1. Lonneke Brown, OCT (469137)
  2. Diana Brunsveld, OCT (251589)
  3. Tine Buma, OCT (171675)
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  12. Marjorie Sutherland, OCT (272139)
  13. Lynette van de Hoef, OCT (626093)

Required statement

1. Shannon Marcus attests that she is eligible and willing to be nominated, meets all the requirements to run for the Private School position and to serve on Council, confirms that all information provided is accurate and agrees to the publication of this information (in response to questions 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 of the Candidate Statement part of her Nomination).

2. Shannon Marcus does not hold an excluded position that would prevent her from serving on Council (in response to question 4 of the Candidate Statement part of her Nomination).

3. Shannon Marcus acknowledges that, if elected, she will be required to swear an oath or make an affirmation to serve in the public interest prior to assuming a Council position (in response to question 5 of the Candidate Statement part of her Nomination).

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