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Sara Nouini, OCT

Sara Nouini
  • Registration: 417749
  • French-Language Public Board Elementary and Secondary

Certified to teach in Ontario: 1998

Current employment: Grade 2 teacher

Employer: Conseil scolaire Viamonde

Professional qualifications





University of Ottawa

Required biography

Started her teaching career at CEFCUT in 1997 as a supply teacher. Since 1998, has taught at the Conseil scolaire Viamonde (formerly CSDCSO). Has taught various subjects as a specialist to students from nursery school to Grade 6: computer science, art education, physical education, literacy, Special Education and the language upgrading program. Has also been a classroom teacher in single and multi-level classes, such as nursery school, kindergarten, Grade 2, Grade 3, and a Special Education class with students ranging from Grades 3 to 6.

Has been a member of the executive committee of the AEFO local unit and the union delegate for her school. Has participated in a number of EQAO activities as a member of the teams responsible for selecting exemplars, reviewing tests and grading.

The duty of the Ontario College of Teachers and its members is to serve and protect the public interest through regulation of the teaching profession so as to ensure students’ well-being and success. Council members participate in at least four meetings a year in order to establish policies and recommend regulatory amendments that will continue to improve the teaching profession and further strengthen public trust. They also serve on at least two standing or special committees, as provided by law.

Optional biography

Since becoming an Ontario Certified Teacher, has taught at the Conseil scolaire Viamonde. Has been an associate teacher and a mentor teacher for several years, and has co-ordinated or convened a number of committees in such areas as bullying, social activities, student success, PLCs, numeracy, literacy, robotics, ICT, cultural activities, healthy schools and the school council.

Also has her school principal qualification and two specialist AQs: Special Education and Computers in the Classroom, as well as two other AQs: Physical and Health Education in the Intermediate division, and FSL Part 1.

Since July 2015, has been one of 23 elected members of the College Council. Finds her work at the College to be exceptionally rewarding on a professional and personal level. Sits on three committees, including the Discipline Committee and Registration Appeals Committee, and is vice-chair of the Governance Committee.

Among other activities, the Governance Committee developed a strategic communication plan in 2016 for the 2018 elections to enable members of the College to play a more active role in self-regulating their profession. The College has a very talented membership, and the committee aims to ensure that future Councils will be able to benefit from this talent.

The plan has the dual purpose of motivating a greater number of members to become engaged in Council work and of increasing member participation in elections.

Eligible nominators (Registration)

  1. Selma Ayadi, OCT (610520)
  2. Nabila Bensadek, OCT (524723)
  3. Mireille Boubonnais, OCT (164595)
  4. Stéphan Deschênes, OCT (483015)
  5. Rabah Lotfi Djemaï, OCT (650797)
  6. Stéphane Éthier, OCT (106065)
  7. Lucienne Koua Dubé, OCT (664108)
  8. Sylvain Lachance, OCT (106173)
  9. Daniel Lajeunesse, OCT (192152)
  10. Danielle Picard, OCT (469074)
  11. Géraldine Savidan, OCT (499335)
  12. Josée Trépanier, OCT (212490)
  13. Sophie Vasilakis, OCT (280536)
  14. Mireille Zangue Kouambo, OCT (669208)

Required statement

1. Sara Nouini attests that she is eligible and willing to be nominated, meets all the requirements to run for the French Language Public Board – Elementary and Secondary position, and to serve on Council, confirms that all information provided is accurate and agrees to the publication of this information (in response to questions 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 of the Candidate Statement part of her Nomination).

2. Sara Nouini does not hold an excluded position that would prevent her from serving on Council (in response to question 4 of the Candidate Statement part of her Nomination).

3. Sara Nouini acknowledges that, if elected, she will be required to swear an oath or make an affirmation to serve in the public interest prior to assuming a Council position (in response to question 5 of the Candidate Statement part of her Nomination).

1. How can the College in general, and I in particular, work to encourage more members to participate in the College’s work?

To achieve this objective, an effective strategic communication plan needs to be established; this could be done in collaboration with the College’s Governance Committee, for example. In addition, the message must be continually communicated to the members of the College that they are a significant source of inspiration and of sharing. Our education system and our students definitely need them to be actively involved in the College.

2.  What can the College do to promote the public interest in the teaching profession?

To promote public interest, the College, through the professionalism of its members who stand as pillars of education, sets professional and ethical standards, and ensures that they are upheld.

The College also has the responsibility to always be current and at the forefront of progress and to recommend policies and regulatory amendments that will reflect today’s context and its continuous developments.

3. What knowledge, skills and experience do you have that will contribute to the College’s fulfillment of its mandate?

The teaching profession is a very noble profession that is changing at a fast pace. It’s an exciting world that allows me to constantly inspire, influence, share and learn within my school and professional communities. The experiences and involvements that I have had in various leadership roles have enabled me to grow while celebrating all sorts of success, and have well prepared me to deal with all kinds of challenges.

I have been an elected member of the seventh Council of the Ontario College of Teachers since July 2015. Through my involvement in three different committees, I have helped to ensure compliance with this organization’s mission and vision. Within all of our working teams, my commitment, collaboration and interpersonal skills are very conducive to achieving the objectives and successfully implementing the strategic priorities. This exceptional experience has also allowed me to develop my professional competencies, to help strengthen the education system, and to ensure students’ safety and justice with respect to members.

As an elected member of the eighth Council of the Ontario College of Teachers and through the influence of my positive leadership, I will continue to contribute honourably to fulfilling the College’s mandate. 

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