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John Hamilton, OCT

John Hamilton
  • Registration: 253700
  • Principal/Vice-Principal

Certified to teach in Ontario: 1994

Current employment: Elementary principal

Employer: Durham District School Board

Professional qualifications




Hons. BA

McMaster University
Lakehead University
University of Toronto

Required biography

A career of over 25 years has provided various opportunities to serve students and communities. Beginning in the Toronto DSB and during more than two decades with the Durham DSB he has worked as an educational assistant, occasional teacher, elementary teacher, vice-principal and principal.

Serving on College Council is a serious and important responsibility. Representing the public interest as it relates to public education requires the College to regulate the profession through a lens that provides a responsive, relevant and safe educational experience for all students. Through transparent, fair and equitable processes, the College can promote confidence in public education by promoting and maintaining high professional and ethical standards for all educators that fall under its governance.

Becoming an elected member of College Council is the desired next step in his growth plan. He understands the complexities and political realities of the environment in which teachers work, has proven experience representing and advocating on behalf of peers, and is committed to supporting public education in Ontario. As a proud educator in one of the world’s finest public systems, he will work tirelessly to ensure that high standards for professionalism and service to students are met.

Optional biography

Extensive experience working in each of the positions I have held over my career has informed my understanding of the important role all educators play in supporting the success of our students — success that is grounded in their personal well-being and sense of belonging, and further realized by their academic achievements. Student achievement and well-being drive the work of all educators, and as a principal, I am committed to working with our education stakeholder partners to develop and cultivate the conditions in which all educators are able to meet the unique needs of their students. Creating these conditions will also help our students realize their full potential in safe, welcoming and intellectually engaging environments.

Beyond school-based leadership, I have been an active participant in Ontario’s public education system both provincially and internationally. Provincially, I served on the Ontario Principals’ Council for eight years, the executive for five years and completed a one-year term as the provincial president. Currently I serve as a committee member with the Ministry of Education for School Mental Health ASSIST and am an executive member with the International Confederation of Principals, an organization representing more than 40 principal associations around the world. These experiences attest to my commitment to continue growing professionally as an educator.

Eligible nominators (Registration)

  1. Chrystal Bryan, OCT (254364)
  2. Tracey Cant, OCT (196175)
  3. Karen Cherry, OCT (276499)
  4. Peter Creer, OCT (256648)
  5. Dean Doucette, OCT (101302)
  6. Grayson Hefford, OCT (279202)
  7. Francis John Mauceri, OCT (399344)
  8. Jason Rodman, OCT (494077)
  9. Elizabeth Thompson, OCT (167744)
  10. Sebastien Villeneuve, OCT (457150)
  11. Jennifer Wells, OCT (418429)

Required statement

1. John Hamilton attests that he is eligible and willing to be nominated, meets all the requirements to run for the Principal/Vice-Principal position and to serve on Council, confirms that all information provided is accurate and agrees to the publication of this information (in response to questions 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 of the Candidate Statement part of his Nomination).

2. John Hamilton does not hold an excluded position that would prevent him from serving on Council (in response to question 4 of the Candidate Statement part of his Nomination).

3. John Hamilton acknowledges that, if elected, he will be required to swear an oath or make an affirmation to serve in the public interest prior to assuming a Council position (in response to question 5 of the Candidate Statement part of his Nomination).

1. How can the College – and you specifically – work to achieve its strategic priorities? Please choose a priority and discuss.

Strategic Priority #2:  Develop strategies to facilitate the ongoing professional learning of members.

As communicated through its mission statement, the Ontario College of Teachers regulates the teaching profession in Ontario in the public interest by setting and enforcing high ethical and professional standards.  Driven by this mission statement is the commitment to supporting and maintaining the quality, excellence and professionalism of all of its members.  To meet the evolving needs of the increasingly diverse population that public education in Ontario serves, the College must use the most reliable and current education research available to support the accreditation of both pre-service and additional qualification programs that will give educators the tools required to prepare students for an increasingly competitive global economy.  Additionally, advancing teacher training in the areas of equity and diversity will allow all students to realize equality of opportunity and outcome regardless of culture, ethnicity, religion, or sexual identification.  As a member of the College Council, I would bring many years of experience promoting and creating the conditions necessary for equal opportunity for all students and would use my role within the College to support ongoing accreditation requirements that are current, relevant and responsive to the needs of our students.

2.  What can the College do to promote the public interest in the teaching profession?

The cornerstone upon which the Ontario College of Teachers was built, and continues to evolve, is founded in its carefully articulated ethical and professional standards.  These standards set a consistent threshold and expectation for the professional practice of all members of the College and maintains the public interest by ensuring that the profession is governed fairly and effectively.  By continuing to emphasize transparent processes, and by taking all credible complaints seriously, the College supports those conditions under which teachers are held accountable for both the well-being and academic success of their students.  Further commitment to the communication and promotion of our internationally successful education system will enhance the public‘s view of educators and will help attract the most talented and capable candidates to the profession. As it relates to public education, meeting the demands of the public interest serves two fundamental purposes: maintaining a high level of public confidence in the profession, while enhancing the role of public education as the great equalizer in our society.

3. What knowledge, skills and experience do you have that will contribute to the College’s fulfillment of its mandate?

With more than 25 years experience servicing the needs of our students within the publicly funded education system in Ontario, I bring current, credible and relevant knowledge in the following areas: effective leadership, responsive and relevant pedagogy, and well developed communication skills.  I am deeply committed to our profession and the opportunity educators possess to positively influence the lives of our students.  As a member of the council, I will work tirelessly to see our College continue its growth as a fair and responsive governing body for all of its members.  

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