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Susan E. Elliott-Johns, OCT

Susan E. Elliott-Johns
  • Registration: 106746
  • Faculty of Education

Certified to teach in Ontario: 1989

Current employment: Associate professor

Employer: Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University

Professional qualifications





University of London, U.K.
McGill University
McGill University

Required biography

Began career teaching in London (1979–1982) before emigrating to Canada. In Ontario, taught junior/intermediate grades, was a literacy consultant and elementary vice-principal and principal. Also had the privilege of working in Quebec, Northwest Territories and PEI as a teacher and administrator. Now a full-time teacher educator and researcher at Nipissing University teaching pre-service and graduate education and supervising graduate students.

Has maintained College membership and is active in a number of leading national and international organizations, including Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE), International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT) and American Educational Research Association (AERA). Experiences in these networks enables sharing of knowledge and expertise across a range of stakeholders with vested interests in education, as well as the exchange of innovative ideas for developing professional learning that enriches and enhances both students’ learning and teachers’ teaching.

The College is accountable to the public for how it carries out its responsibilities — including the accreditation of teacher education programs. Effective communication with advocates of pedagogy for contemporary teacher education promotes and creates opportunities to strengthen and enhance leadership in rigorous teacher preparation that serves to inspire public confidence.

Optional biography

Susan E. Elliott-Johns is an associate professor and member of the graduate faculty at Nipissing University’s Schulich School of Education. Research interests include teacher education, reflective inquiry and educational leadership. She is in her second term as secretary and vice-chair of the ISATT (2017–2019). Susan was elected to the College Council in 2015 and has served as vice-chair of the Accreditation Committee, and member of the Standards of Practice Committee.

Prior to joining the faculty at Nipissing, Susan enjoyed a very successful career in public education as a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 10 teacher, literacy consultant, elementary school administrator and teacher educator. An active member of several professional organizations, including ISATT, AERA, CSSE and CATE, Susan has provided leadership through workshops, conference presentations, keynotes and publications for teachers, administrators and teacher educators across Canada, Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

She is an associate editor for the ISATT journal Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, a member of the international advisory board for the journal Studying Teacher Education. Her most recent book was Leadership for Change in Teacher Education: Voices of Canadian Deans of Education (2015) and she was co-editor of Perspectives on Transitions in Schooling and Instructional Practice (Elliott-Johns & Jarvis, 2013). Susan’s professional goals continue to focus on research into professional learning for teachers and teacher educators in contemporary contexts and the ongoing development of pedagogy and praxis.

Eligible nominators (Registration)

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  13. Tim Sibbald, OCT (403004)
  14. Kara Smith, OCT (188622)
  15. Astrid Steele, OCT (167130)

Required statement

1. Susan E. Elliott-Johns attests that she is eligible and willing to be nominated, meets all the requirements to run for the Faculty of Education position and to serve on Council, confirms that all information provided is accurate and agrees to the publication of this information (in response to questions 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 of the Candidate Statement part of her Nomination).

2. Susan E. Elliott-Johns does not hold an excluded position that would prevent her from serving on Council (in response to question 4 of the Candidate Statement part of her Nomination).

3. Susan E. Elliott-Johns acknowledges that, if elected, she will be required to swear an oath or make an affirmation to serve in the public interest prior to assuming a Council position (in response to question 5 of the Candidate Statement part of her Nomination).

1. How can the College – and you specifically – work to achieve its strategic priorities? Please choose a priority and discuss.

I have selected the strategic priority of developing strategies to facilitate the ongoing professional learning of members.

My vision for the teaching profession includes rigorous, relevant teacher education and ongoing professional learning. Collectively, we need to continue supporting and celebrating the ongoing professional learning of teachers and teacher educators. Good teachers continue to take responsibility for learning and growing in their profession. Teachers – including those on short-term contracts and occasional teachers – all bring extensive knowledge and experience to their work of making a difference for students across Ontario; their commitment to staying current through rigorous professional learning deserves respect and celebration.

The College continues to offer a wide range of opportunities for professional learning that enhance teachers’ skills and confidence and hone their abilities to “rethink, unlearn and relearn, change, revise, and adapt” (Niess, 2008, p. 225). I can actively support this work as a catalyst for strategically ‘nudging’ professional learning of colleagues (for example., posing questions, listening carefully to the answers, raising issues, advocating for innovation, creativity, and encouraging critical thinking). By constantly striving to “heighten the intellectual challenge and connectedness to the world” (Allan Luke) by participating in courageous conversations ourselves, I believe we can also motivate others to see the construction of knowledge and ‘ways of knowing’ as professional learning.

2.  What can the College do to promote the public interest in the teaching profession?

The College must continue working tirelessly to celebrate and disseminate the innovative practices, accomplishments and contributions of outstanding teachers working with students in classrooms and schools every day across the province (for example, in Professionally Speaking and through social media). We must work to more clearly inform the general public about what the work of self-regulation at the College actually involves, including not only investigations and discipline, but also accreditation of teacher education programs, standards of practice and ethics, AQ courses, and a multitude of other professional learning opportunities for teachers.

Let’s promote greater respect for teachers by highlighting the reality that teachers are exceptionally well-qualified individuals with rich funds of knowledge and life-experiences that enrich and enhance their teaching – for example, world travel, previous career experiences, prior employment elsewhere in Canada and/or overseas, excellence in athletics and other co-curricular activities.

3. What knowledge, skills and experience do you have that will contribute to the College’s fulfillment of its mandate?

I bring considerable knowledge and experience to the role of Council member, added to which I have now served one term as an active member of 7th Council, 2015-2018. I possess excellent organizational and communication skills and relish working collaboratively to accomplish goals. I am, first and foremost, a practitioner who also enjoys research and writing for professional and scholarly publication. I am particularly interested in the development of pedagogy for teacher education and professional learning, and continue to work with pre-service teachers, graduate students, practicing teachers, and university faculty – here in Ontario, across Canada, and around the world.

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